It’s Better For Tinubu To Be In Aso Rock than Peter Obi Said;Deji Adeyanju.

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Human Right Activists, Deji Adeyanju said that, it is better for the presidential candidate of APC, to come out for the president (emerge for President)in 2023 than his Labour Party’s partner, Peter Obi.

Deji Adeyanju also said that Ahmed Bola Tinubu, whom he described as a vandal(destroyer) is more eligible than Peter Obi and his proponents who he named as terrors.

He concluded that, those tyrant have threatened fellow citizens with death threats and gave nothing but abuses all in the name of politics . And by God grace they will never go anywhere near to Aso Rock. It is better for Tinubu the destroyer to be in Aso Rock than these terrors.”
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