Biography of Dr Abdulmalik Ndayko (Shaba Nupe)


Behold, the second in command of Bida Emirate Council (2IC) Alh. Abdulmalik Ndayako (SHABA NUPE). He is from Umaru Majigi Royal Anteroom, which is the third Royal anteroom in the Emirate council.

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He is the son of the 9th Etsu Nupe, Late Etsu Muhammadu Kudu Ndayako (Etsu Baba Kudu (Bagadozhi) and also maternal Uncle to the incumbent Etsu Nupe.

Late Etsu Bakudu was a “Python” with three eggs, one of the eggs hatched and became Late Etsu Umar Sanda Ndayako (The 12 Etsu Nupe), another became the incumbent Shaba Nupe, while the last one was invisibly two-in-one (2in1), which visibly becomes Late Haj. Habiba Gogo Bantigi and Alh. (Dr). Yahaya Abubakar CFR, (The Etsu Nupe and Chairman Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers).

Shaba Nupe is an “Old Boy” of a centenary unity school in the state (Government College Bida (GCB) and qualified him to be a certified (BOSA), and also an Alumni of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. From the records of his western career, inline with his hard-work and excellence performance, he served (S.A) to the then minister of state defence in 1980, he also served as the Special Adviser to the then Niger State Governor and Federal Commissioner for public complain commission, among numerous tasks to be mentioned.

Until is ascension as the Shaba Nupe, he was the District Head (Hakimi) of Doko, Madami Nupe in (1969), Makun Nupe in (1975), Kpotun Nupe in (1997) and he became Shaba Nupe in 2005.

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