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How to make money with palmpay


PalmPay is one of the new set of apps that Transsion is pushing out in the fintech space. The app is a payments service that is set to go up against PayPal and others. PalmPay is the payment app that rewards you! The simple and secure app for sending cash quickly between friends, and paying for airtime and utilities. Earn PalmPoints as you spend and use them to discount your transactions!

How to Register your Account on PalmPay App

1. Download PalmPay app on Google Play Store and register with your phone number and my invitation code: w63v

2. Confirm your phone number and click “Open your Account” to get started.

3. It’s very important that you perform a valid transaction on the app after successful login. So, read my article on how to get free ₦100 airtime recharged on your phone as your first transaction on the app. Read Now: How to Get Free ₦100 Airtime on PalmPay App Now that you’ve get your account set up and activated, let’s see how to refer new users to PalmPay app and earn rewards. Remember, your current reward will be 300 Palmpoints until you join PalmForce when you’ll be able to earn 200 Naira per referral. Read on to see how to join the PalmForce program and earn money on PalmPay app.

How to Redeem Your Palmpay point to Airtime

Once you’ve completed the registration process using my invitation code, you should message me with the phone number you used to register. I’ll then confirm that you’ve used my code to register on the app and send ₦100 to the registered phone number. All you need to do then is to recharge airtime worth of ₦100 using your Palmpoints to enjoy 50% discount. Remember you’ve earned free 100 Palmpoints upon successful registration. So, ₦50 will be deducted from your PalmPay account wallet and ₦50 from your Palmpoints. That’s it.

How to make money with Palmpay,how to earn money with Palmpay

Go to homepage on the PalmPay app and you’ll see the ₦50 in your account wallet.

Click Top up Airtime from there and select ₦100 airtime.

Toggle ON Points to Use to use up 50 Palmpoints from your Palmpoints balance.

how to make money with Palmpay, how earn money with Palmpay

How to make money with Palmpay

One of the great way to earn real cash on PalmPay app is to join PalmForce . PalmForce is a product of PalmPay that lets you earn money by referring new users to register and transact on PalmPay app. Instead of earning Palmpoints when you refer new user to PalmPay app, if you join PalmForce, you’ll be earning 200 Naira for each of your friends that also register on the app and perform a valid transaction .

How earn money with Palmpay, how to make money online in Nigeria

With PalmForce referral program, you can earn up to 20k weekly – just refer 100 people . You also get to earn certain percentage of the transactions performed by your referrals up to the third layer of your downline. Money you earned with your PalmForce account will be paid into your PalmPay account wallet on weekly basis (usually on Mondays) where you can withdraw it directly to your bank account for free or use it to perform any transaction available on the app.

How to Refer New Users to PalmPay app

Open the PalmPay app and on homepage click the Invite and Earn banner when it shows up.

how to make money with Palmpay, how to earn money with Palmpay

On the page that opens, you’ll see your referral code, click Share and then click Copy to Clipboard to copy your referral/invite link and share it with your friends.

Your referral code is already embedded in the link, so, for every new users who registered through this link, logged in on the PalmPay app and then perform a valid transaction, you’ll earn your rewards.

An alternative way to refer new users to PalmPay app is to select & copy the referral code itself and share with your friends. Then tell your friends to enter the code during sign up on the PalmPay app.

How to Join PalmForce and Earn Money

Every registered PalmPay user is eligible to join the PalmForce program. All you have to do is to refer a minimum of 5 new customers to the PalmPay app within a month and in the following month, you’ll be able to apply for the PalmForce program. Simply click “PalmForce” from the app Menu and provide the required information.

After joining the PalmForce program, you must keep on referring new users to earn money and to level up. Failure to refer the minimum required amount of new customers to the app will get you downgraded to the previous level.

If you can’t keep up, your account will be dormant. Dormant PalmForce Account – What to do? If your PalmForce account is dormant but now you want to continue earning the PalmForce rewards, you just need to refer the minimum amount of new customers required in a month and your account will be automatically upgraded the following month from dormant to Bronze level. So, you can then keep on enjoying the real cash rewards on PalmPay app.

How to Withdraw your Earnings on PalmPay

I already said that money you earned on PalmForce will be paid to your PalmPay account wallet every week.

how to make money with Palmpay, how to earn money with Palmpay

Go to homepage and click Withdraw from there.

. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Next.

. Confirm your bank account or enter a new bank account then click Withdraw ₦ ” Amount specified “.

. Wait for few minutes to receive the juicy alert from your bank.

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