Top 10 most followed Kannywood actors on Twitter

Ali Nuhu

Top 10 richest hausa musicians, top 10 most followed hausa artist/actress

Ali Nuhu, the multiple award winning actor is the most followed actor on Twitter in Kannywood. The actor, 41, who has spent 16 years acting, has 69, 411 followers. Nuhu, who is the chairman of FKD Productions, follows 1, 379 people and has 16, 376 tweets.

Maryam Booth

top 10 most followed hausa artist/actress,top 10 richest hausa musician

Maryam Booth, the daughter of popular actress Zainab Booth, is the second most followed Kannywood actress on Twitter. The Nigerian Women Society Ambassador has 45, 584 followers. Popularly called ‘Dijangala,’ she has tweeted 5, 079 times and follows 1, 065 people.

Nafisa Abdullahi

After her lead role in the film ‘ai Wata Rana,’ Kannywood diva Nafisa Abdullahi has a huge fan base. She comes in third with a followership of 30, 111. Nafisa, who won ‘The Best Actress MTN/Kannywood Award’ recently held in Abuja, has 2, 627 tweets and is followed by 422 people.

Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau, 22, also known as ‘Priyanka,’ is a household name in Kannywood, despite being an upcoming actress. Her role in ‘Shakka’ and ‘Halwa’ earned her a lot of fans and followers on twitter. After Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja, she is the most active Hausa actress on twitter. The actress, who was suspended by the disciplinary committee of the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for publicly claiming she was de- casted from Adam A. Zango’s movie ‘Duniya Makaranta’ for rejecting his romantic advances, has about 27, 338 followers and follows about 605 people. The slim and elegant actress has 13, 001 tweets.

Sani DanjaThough singer and actor Sani Danja went on sabbatical in Kannywood by focusing on music with Nigerian musicians such as Terry G, Vector and Dbanj, he has about 26, 701 followers. ‘King of the North,’ as he is called by his musical contemporaries followed about 12, 277 people and tweeted 8, 818 times.

Hadiza Aliyu Gabon

top 10 richest hausa musician, top 10 most followed hausa artist/actress on twitter

The Kannywood’s ace Hadiza Gabon claims the sixth position with 24, 034 followers on Twitter. The actress who won Best Actress 2nd MTN/Kannywood Jurist Award has tweeted 1,869 times and is followed by 230 people.

Aminu SairaAminu Saira is interestingly the only director to be among the 10 most followed Kannywood stars on Twitter. Saira, who gave Kannywood movies a new twist with the likes of ‘Garinmu Da Zafi’, ‘Ga Duhu Ga Haske’ and ‘Malika’ he directed, has earned a lot of fans. The director, an introvert has about 22, 371 followers on Twitter and has about 3, 273 tweets which mostly inform his fans about his activities like being onset, and date of release of the films he directed among others. He follows about 109 people, specifically his colleagues in the industry.

Fati Washa

Fati Washa, one of the upcoming actresses in Kannywood, makes the list of 10 most followed Kannywood filmmakers on Twitter. Washa, the leading actress in ’Ya Daga Allah,’ ‘Gaba Da Gabanta’ and ‘Zee-Zee,’ has about 17, 684 followers. She is less active compared to her colleagues who made the 10 most followed on Twitter where she has about 1, 012 tweets and a following 138.

Adam A. Zango

It will be a surprise to followers of Kannywood to learn that the prince of the present times, Adam A. Zango is number nine among the 10 most followed Hausa film stars on Twitter, especially as he only joined Twitter a few months ago. He has about 11, 826 followers and follows about 283 people and has about 832 tweets so far.

Nazifi Asnanic

Nazifi Asnanic, a popular musician who sings most of the songs mimed in Hausa films, made the list with about 11, 012 followers. Asnanic, who also produced ‘Dakin Amarya’ and ‘Rai Da Buri,’ has 184 tweets and follows about 224 people including colleagues and fans.

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