List of States in Northern Nigeria

Nigeria 36 state are divided region comprise of North,south South region,south east region,south west region. Our aim in this post is bring out the complete list of northern Nigeria state.

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The northern Nigeria are divided sub region comprise of North central, north east,north west. We have 19 state in northern Nigeria which is up to half of Nigeria and occupied Largest land in Nigeria bigger them The entire south south region and south east region and south east region

1. Zamfara
2. Kano
3. Kebbi
4. Katsina
5. Sokoto
6. Kaduna
7. Jigawa
8. Niger
9. Adamawa
10. Kebbi
11. Borno
12. Bauchi
13. Kogi
14. Kwara
15. Nasarawa
16. Taraba
17. Yobe
18. Plateu
19. Gombe

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