Biography of Ali Nuhu & Net Worth and Gallery

Biography of Ali Nuhu & Net worth and Gallery

Real name: Ali Nuhu Mohammed
Date of birth: 15 March 1974
State of Origin: Gombe, Gombe State
Residence State: Kano State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Geography
Occupation: Actor,Director , Producer , Choreographer
Status: Married.

Early life and education

Ali Nuhu was born in Maiduguri , Borno State , in northeastern Nigeria.

His father Nuhu Poloma hailed from Balanga town of Gombe State and his mother Fatima Karderam Digema from Bama local government of Borno State. He grew up in Jos , and Kano.

After high school education he received a Bachelors of Art degree in Geography from the University of Jos .

He did his National Service in Ibadan , Oyo State. He later attended University of Southern California for a course in film production and cinematic arts.

Acting career

Ali Nuhu entered the Hausa film industry in 1999 and has appeared in over 1000 Hausa movies.

Awards and nominations

2005 Best Actor
2007 Best Upcoming Actor award (won)
2008 The indigene Best Actor (won)
2011 Best Indigenous actor (won)
2012 Best hausa Actor (won)
2013 Best Supporting Actor (Nominated)
2013 Best Actor (Won)
2013 Best Hausa Actor (Won)
2013 Kannywood Face (Won)
2014 Best Actor (Won)
2014 Best Artiste (Won)
2014 Best Actor (Won)
2014 Kannywood Face (Won)
2014 Pride of Kannywood (Won) 2014 Best Actor (Popular) Won
2015 Most Outstanding Actor (Won)
2015 Best Actor (Hausa) Won
2015 Best Actor (Popular) Won
2015 Kannywood Personality Won
2016 Best Actor (Hausa) Won
2016 Best Actor Won
2016 Best Actor (Nominated)
2016 Kannywood Face (Nominated)
2016 Excellent Entertainer Won
2017 Best Actor Won
2017 Kannywood Face Won
2017 Awards Best Actor Nominated
2017 Special Recognition Award Pending
and over 150 English movies.

Net Worth

Currently we have no any idea about Ali Nuhu net worth

Ali Nuhu Gallery

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