13 Ways To Keep The Woman You Are Dating


1- Respect her parents. most ladies don’t play when it comes to their parents.

2- Do not be lousy. Ladies don’t like men who are talkative.

3- Do not be stingy. Ladies hate stingy men, but you must also know how to manage the money

4- You should be neat; don’t be a dirty guy. Dress well paddy (packaging)

5- Never you attempt to use a charm to win her heart. The charm can fail you, or she may eventually find out. She will hate you for that.

6- Package yourself well and be a well organised man both mentally and physically.

7- Have confidence, be courageous, be smart and be proactive, if you are dull they will definitely use you and later dump you for the smart one.

8- Give her a lot of attention or else she will get it elsewhere (EVE and the serpent is a case study)

9- Always appreciate her dressing if it is decent. If it is not decent, correct her with love. If you don’t like the way she dresses, then you should buy her the type of clothes you want her to be wearing; don’t just condemn her clothes.

10- Tell her everyday that you love her. Always remind her so that her mind will be on you always.

11- Call her sweet names everyday, be proud of her and call her my bae, queen, angel etc.

12- Don’t try to be what you are not Ps: Money is not the only way of getting a good lady ; in fact good ladies don’t need your money.
They just want you to make them happy. It is only foolish girls that date guys because of money. Responsible girls don’t need your money; they need you to make them happy. But remember making her happy only will not pay the bills.

13- Satisfy her needs, don’t be selfish in bed, don’t be a two minutes type of a guy. Do it for her sometimes. Most men have come to me saying Emvakuden man, l gave her everthing and even helped her family and siblings but she left me. Remember, your money can not satisfy her in bed. If you can’t please contact men’s clinic.

14- Be a God fearing man!! In everthing put God first and all things will be on your side. Nothing is impossible with God.

Muhammad Umar

I'm Muhammad Umar undergraduate students of Ibrahim badamasi babangida UniversityLapai ( IBBUL ).

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