Talz zone: Who do you Think is best Music Producer in Nupe music industry

Wellecome To Nupemelody,Today Let Talk about Who do you think is Best music Producer in Nupe Land .

Few Month back we look in to Nupe music Fetch out Musicians and compared Who is The best singer,

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We should all take a time to appreciate Nupe Music Producers for adding massive amount of value to the quality of music that we enjoy in Nupe music today.

Most times we praise musicians for doing songs why the real work were done by the producers that cooked the beat.

No jokes, Nupe music has gained a lot of recognition in the Nation scene and it is gradually becoming the biggest in the Nigeria All thanks to creative Nupe music producers doing good work.

Who is Best Music Producer in Nupe land

DJ Zubis

The best Of Dj zubis has produced A lot of hit songs more than you think of ,he produce beat for himself and he is currently one of best Producers at the moment.

The success of some now famous Nupe artist like Prince mk, SAlihu unity, and rest of nupe singer are linked to his greatness.

Seun SmG beat

If you are a Prince mk fans, you ought to be familiar with the voice “ It SmG beat baby” this young man has made so many hit songs for the Best in Nupe music industry.

The SmG beat is another Talented music producer in music nupe music industry who prove himself beyound reasonable doubts.

DJ Classic

if You are Nupe music lover i am sure you will have know This voice”It classic production

When you mean real talent, that is what we see in the work of Dj Classic He is unarguably one of the best Nupe music producers of all time who have stayed relevant all this years.

DJ ebel

Skye blue media

I guess you can relate to that ,Dj is that Talented producer that is always doing what he knows how to do best.

He is youngest music producer and one of the most talented as well.

At this point, we want you all to be sincere in answering this question

Muhammad Umar

I'm Muhammad Umar undergraduate students of Ibrahim badamasi babangida UniversityLapai ( IBBUL ).

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