Top 10 Music Producers In Arewa

Top 10 Finest & Best Music Producers In Arewa 2019

Arewa artists has gone international and
global,but what makes a good song?
What actually makes a song to be a massive
hit? Is it the beat of the song? Or the lyrical
content of the song? Or perhaps its just
luck,well whatever your guess maybe,it doesn’t
change the fact that music producers are totally
indispensable when it comes to making music,I
mean lets just face it,without a beat there will
be no song right?

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Truth be told,most music producers are not popular or have the fame that the artists they produce the songs for have,they work behind the scenes except for a few that has
successfully transitioned into musicians too.

But that doesn’t affect the fact that most of
this music producers are quite bankable,they
make a lot of money,here is the official list of

Top10 Finest And Best Music Producers In
Arewa 2019

1.DJ Stev

DJ stev on The beat!!!

He is one of the Best music producers of All The In MX city (minna),he gained steam in All Time and ever since he has been dishing out and producing hits after hits.

He has produced hits for artists like YFK Also know as Kheengz,B O C Madaki, Dieezel,Ts,Chackson,

Do you Remember Kheengz ‘I AM North” that was a
massive hit that racked up Almost every where in North ,and have masive downloads,he was behind that feat.


C,Man on the beat!!!

One of the most prolific music producers in
Arewa(North) ,infact B O C madaki dishing out hot rap should he credited to him.

He has a way of producing the right sounds and beats for can make a song become an instant hit.

The downside of this is that C,man mostly
produces songs for some Arewa star but
regardless he always delivers.

Do you Remember zafi and Lababaru? That was C,man

3. Shambee

It shambee on the beat

Just like how C,man is holding down the artik, Shambee is also keeping it one hunnid for B o c Madaki.

Do you remember B O C Madaki “Kaya a kasa classic album? That was Shambee.

4.DJ Ab

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is skilled by DJ AB!

He has been around the industry for quite some time now and has been producing hits after hits,

Do you remember this songs Babarsa? An fara physics? Wabab?

He is one of the most versatile music producers in the Arewa,he makes his own beats and make hit tracks out of them.

5. Jade

Hardwork surely pays, do you remember this
song that was a massive jam around The Town Jade Ft Kheengz Title Burning it Down in years back ?.

It was produced by himself was busy
dancing to the song not even knowing he was
behind its production.

Apart from DJ Ab and a couple of artists,its actually not easy to be an artist and also a music producer,it requires exceptional talent to be able to combine both trades.

Jade is one of those artists that has
managed to be a music producer and a regular
commercial artist.

6. Kahli abdu

The duo producers kahli abdu is one of the best producers in the game.

These guy Is good at what he is doing,
doubt,flash back to B o c Madaki 2018 EP Allah yatsare.

he have also worked with some A listers in
the music industry kheengz, boc madaki E .T.C

7. DJ cinch

As I was writing this list some of my friends
were busy saying that Dj cinch should be
among the Top 5 with Joe nice ,well it is my own list o,they can go write theirs lol.

Anyway Dj cinch is a music production genius and according to some articles online he
is joe nice biggest competition.

He is a top best music production artist no
doubt and he has been consistent.

He churns out hits after hits on a yearly basis.

Let me refresh your memory,Do you remember his track Saminaka?
Ok lets take it back, lets say back in 2018 he
had an impressive record of producing hit songs
in Arewa and Nigeria ,he produced
Melody by elaidris ft DJ cinch..

DJ cinch is definitely one of the best music
producers in Kaduna

8. Joe 9ice

Joe 9ice beat

Definitely one of the Finest and best music
producer in Arewa and one of the first that
exported Arewa songs and beats overseas.

Do you Remember that international massive hit song
titled ‘Beast from The North’ by Susky dab Feature The Northern super star B o c Madaki it was produced by Joe nice ,do you also remember ‘ the kick’ by Sukzy? It was all Joe 9ice work!.


Geekbeat on d beat

Definitely a maker of street bangers! He is one of the best and bankable Arewa music producer.

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He has produced a lot of hit songs and has
worked with almost all most notable song

Do you Remember B o c Madaki single song Title Sadaka? That was Geekbeat.

10. Ovita

It’s d daskid Ovizta of the beat !!

Personally I think if any upcoming artist wants to blow in the music industry that is
very competitive, you should definitely affiliate
yourself with a good music producer that can
produce dance able club jams.

Ovizta has now become The best producer in house producer and has produced a lot of hit tracks for Himself.

Do you remember Kaya by Ovizta Ft NT4?,Sweet Ovizta ft NT4 ? , Yes That is Ovizta The daskid .

Note: If You know any Classic Producer and it not been include in Our list Please kindly drop his name by comment below

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