Top 10 Entertainment Blogs In Arewa

10 Top Blogs In Arewa (Northern Nigeria)You Should Visit and Lessons For You 2019

Blogging is a powerful tool that can empower people and give them a command in their field.
In blogging, some set of people have set themselves committed to their blog which has made them a force to reckon with in blogging.

The list of popular blogs in Nigeria is
listed based on some condition. If your
blog suppose to be here and I missed it
kindly comment with the link to your
blog for review.

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The condions for selection are

1. Traffic


This is a major factor of selection of
blogs as the high volume of traffic depicts how popular the blog is.

The monthly traffic is estimated through Alexa’s rank which is a metric site that ranks websites according to their estimated amount
of traffic.


The number of followers you have;
shows how much people love you and
their interest in knowing you more.


This is very important as the niche your blog is matter a lot. A blog can be in a niche with few monthly searches, that doesn’t mean the blog
is not popular. It is just that the blog is popular in its own niche and not known in other niches but caters for its own audience.


1. Hausatop.com

Hausatop is one most biggest Music blog in Arewa ,has a large Audience and very NICe looking .

Alexa Rank: 2,478,653

3. Gurusfile.com

Gurusfiles the leading Music blogs in Arewa. Abdullahi Abdulmalik is founder of Gurusfile is known as Finest blogger in MX and Arewa at large . which is as a result of the Top artist he work with.

Gurusfile is very popular and controversial.
You would have been expecting to have it listed as the first blog but sorry to disappoint you.
Why it ranked it as the second most
popular blog is because of its poor design and seo also not as interactive as Hausatop.

Abdullahi abdullmalik is a force to reckon with when it comes to blogging as he has
shown how lucrative blogging can be in MX city(Minna).

3. Gwariloaded

This is one of the blogs with a lot of videos and Music ,Lyrics and controversial blog posts.

This blog has a very humble beginning which is among The Top blog in Arewa.

Gwariloaded which a lot of people would have thought to be about Gwari Musics and does not even do anything close to that. Just pure Arewa music, gwariloadsd deserves to be here because it has good looking and Audience.

Alexa Rank: 8,759,489

4. Festnesplay.com

Wonderful blog with a very nice and
simple name, Festnesplay.

This blog is a blog specifically for the Upcoming artist.

This blog is not as popular as blogs
like Bustrendz.com, but is a blog
that has a clearly defined audience.

Alexa Rank: 9,344,073

5. Bustrendz.com

Bustrendzng.com is a force to reckon with.
The blog was started and owned by Jaskid dan masani.

This blog is very interactive because
of the large number of visitors on
this blog. The other things you would love about this blog is its controversial posts.

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The Entertainment niche has a very large
audience which makes it easy to gather a large number of followers There are some big players in this niche and the list is below.

6. Hausaloaded

Hausaloaded is the major player in the Entertainment niche. The blog has a large
audience and monthly visits above a Thousand.

The other thing unique about this blog is its design which I know you will love.

Hausaloaded writes on entertainment news which makes the blog able to be on the top most visited arewa websites.

Alexa Rank: 2,159,506

7. Northerly.com.ng

Notherly is a popular music and Entertaiment blog in Arewa . It is widely known for it easy and clean design.

Notherly is one the top most visited site in Arewa which verifies the large number of traffic it receives every day.

Notherly is a strong competitor of Festnesplay.com.ng and also a very unique website.

Alexa Rank: 5,989,494

8. Nupebaze.com.ng

Nupebaze is a upcoming site when compared to likes like Gurusfile,hausatop

Nupebaze is known for its easy usability and clean web design.

Nupebaze joined the list of most visited site in arewa as ranked

The rapid increase in Nupebaze is because of the introduction of Music,History alongside Applications. Recently the website was banned fot using Google Adsense and majority of the monthly incomes come from upcoming artist and sponsored posts.

Alexa Rank: 5,479,137


This site prides itself as the most popular Entertainment and History blog.

Nupemelody is a very unique website which offers 100% Entertaiment and Information,
Music including Nupe musics, Hausa music, ,audio and video form.

Alexa Rank: 4,971,286

10. Files.ng

This website joined the most visited site in Arewa ,When it comes to Music and Video Trust me Files.ng will feed you well

This website have many followers and generate allot of Trafficking in single Post ,yea it really defined traffick

Alexa rank: 2,465,243


The list of popular blogs can continue as there are many popular blogs which I have missed.

But the main truth here is you cannot list popular blogs according to their traffic alone but have to give reverence to the number of comments on the blogs, the blog’s design and other factors that matter.

Nothing good comes easy. To build a successful blog, you need to work very hard to consistently update your blog.

What is your thought on this post? Kindly share your thought through the comment box below.

I wish you best of luck in your blogging career.

Muhammad Umar

I'm Muhammad Umar undergraduate students of Ibrahim badamasi babangida UniversityLapai ( IBBUL ).

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