The Real Name Of Tsoede Nupe founder


There were several founders and refounders of the Nupe Nation in prehistory. The last of these founders is known to us today as Tsoede.

The name Tsoede is, however, an English corruption of the original Nupe name ‘Tsudi.

But Tsudi is itself not a proper name, it is simply a descriptive title meaning the ‘Foreign King’.

Tsudi was referred to as the ‘Foreign King’ by his maternal Bini or Anabara Nupe people because he was brought up at his paternal Anatako Nupe people’s AtaGara Kingdom in Northern KinNupe.

AtaGara was simply the name of the Northern Half while Bini was the name of the Southern Half of the Greater KinNupe of former times.

The mother of Tsudi was a Bini Nupe princess while his father was an AtaGara Nupe king.

Tsudi was born in his maternal Bini Nupe kingdom but was brought up in his paternal AtaGara Nupe kingdom.

When his father died his half-brothers pursued him out of the AtaGara kingdom.

He fled back to his maternal Bini kingdom where he overthrew his maternal uncle and became the king of the Bini kingdom.

Among Tsudi’s proper names was Jegu or Zhegu which the Yoruba people pronounced as Shegun or Shango. It is Tsudi the Nupe Founder alias Shango who founded Oyo and the Yoruba race. Source©from the book ‘The Ndǎkógbòya Goblet’ by Ndagi Abdullahi

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