Wasiu Ayinde Marshal KWAM1, K1’s Biography – Profile, Age, Net Worth & Family

FULL NAME: Olasunkanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshal
STAGE NAME : K1 De Ultimate
NET WORTH : N750 Million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: Born March 3, 1957 [ currently 60 years old]
STATE OF ORIGIN : Ogun state
PLACE OF BIRTH : Born in Agarawu area of Lagos Island
OCCUPATION: Nigerian Fuji musician
CHILDREN : He is blessed with children
MARITAL STATUS: Married to Fatiah

Born Olasunkanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshal but popular know by his stage name K1 De Ultimate , is a Nigerian Fuji musician undoubtedly one of the most famous and bankable in the Fuji scene. K1 De Ultimate one of the most respected Fuji artiste in Nigeria who introduced the genre to the sounds of keyboards, saxophones and guitars. He has been in the entertainment industry for many years and among those Fuji stars that created the niche for all other Fuji musicians to follow.

Early Life And Background

His full name in the Fuji Music World is “The King of Fuji Music: Wasiu Ayinde Adewale Omogbolahan Olasunkanmi Anifowoshe K1 De Ultimate”, born March 3, 1957 in Agarawu area of Lagos Island . K1 De Ultimate was born on the Lagos Island — though an indigene of Ogun state. His father is from Ijebu Ode while his mother is from Ilupeju in Ondo state. His was a polygamous home. According to him, growing up in Lagos Island was much fun then. He says so much has changed since then.

“I remember that we didn’t usually lock our doors, even through the night and nothing would happen. It was the same in all the neighborhood. We all lived like a family; we cared for other people’s property.
“A lot of people have lost their focus on Lagos Island compared to what it used to be then. It was much secure, unlike what we are seeing now.”
“My contemporaries are all educated and are doing well. We all grew up together and we believed in one another.”


“A lot of successful people have come out from Agarawo,” he says, adding, “Everything about my musical trip started from there. l enjoyed tremenduous support from my area, and then there’s nothing that you will do without the support or the assistance of everybody in your neighborhood. There’s no way you can be successful without the people of the area not having a hand in it, because you need the people to recognize what you are doing. I had the support of the lsland people which made quite easy for me.”

The Obaluaye of Fuji – that makes him the king of his genre of music (even though claims he is actually a crown prince of the likes of Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barister) , he has amass a lot of wealth for himself and one of them is the impressive mansion he built in downtown Okota – Lagos . To cement it all, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan (Oba of Lagos) installed him the Olu Omo of Lagos. His house is is a beautifully composed white massive building erected in a strategic location.

Behind the gates, the “castle” ground is of a sweet luxuriant green lawned garden. Part of the foreground is also of concrete and marble. According to recent reports, his major attraction are his animals — ranging from the most tame of dogs to the most poisonous snakes to vicious crocodiles. Yes! Crocodiles in case you are wondering he loves Crocodiles and other animals which others might consider harmful . The huge reptiles also share in the peace of the Castle of Peace. Wasiu is very religious and maintains a little mosque on the grounds of the Castle of Peace. According to the fuji legend ,

“My house is called that (Castle of Peace) because, it is only in my own house that I can find peace all the time”.

He discovered his passion in music when he was only eight years old. His parents didn’t support his musical career as they were of the opinion that it wouldn’t amount to anything for him in the future. Regardless of his parents idea not to pursue music, he continued to pursue his passion and by the time he was 15 he had won various local musical competitions. Few years later, he became member of Ayinde Barrister’s band, the Supreme Fuji Commanders from 1975 to 1978.

Music Career

K1 De Ultimate officially started singing at the age of 8. His hard work and relentless efforts made him recognized all over Africa, when he clocked 15 , he has already has many awards to his name. He released his first solo album ‘Abode Mecca’ in 1979 and then released his most successful album ‘Talazo 84’ in 1984 which became an instant hit. He joined Ayinde Barrister’s band “Supreme Fuji Commanders” from 1975 to 1978 . He toured North America and Europe in 1984 and he has continued touring annually till date. In 1996 he delivered the first Fuji performance ever at WOMAD Festival.He is also the only Fuji musician to perform at Troxy, WOMEX and SOB’s.

When he started his musical career at first, his voice was very terrible and many elders were not helping matters because they despised him for not having a sweet voice. He is a big fan of King Sunny Ade . He is currently married to the love of his life, Fatiah whom he insist he met on his way to studio.


  • K1 De Ultimate has bagged many awards , among his many awards are
  • FAME Musician of the Year,
  • Best Fuji Artiste at the Nigerian Music Awards,
  • Best African Artiste at the WOMAD Festival in Reading 1996 and
  • The ‘Headies Hall Of Fame’ award in 201

Studio albums

  • 1980 Iba
  • 1981 Esi Oro
  • 1982 Igbalaye
  • 1984 Talazo System
  • 1984: Talazo ’84
  • 1984: Ise L’Ogun Ise
  • 1984 Ijo olomo
  • 1985: Talazo Disco 85
  • 1985 lakesin Record Gbogbo Igi Tele gede bafi owo ba
  • 1985: Elo-Sora
  • 1985 Pomposity
  • 1985 Ori
  • 1986: Tiwa Dayo
  • 1986: Erin Goke – Lecture
  • 1986 Baby Je Kajo
  • 1987: Talazo In London
  • 1987: Aiyé
  • 1987 Adieu Awolowo
  • 1988: Sun – Splash
  • 1988 Fuji Headline
  • 1988 My Dear Mother
  • 1989: Fuji Rapping
  • 1989: Achievement
  • 1990: Jo Fun Mi (Dance For Me)
  • 1991: American Tips
  • 1991: Fuji Collections
  • 1993: The Ultimate
  • 1994: Consolidation
  • 1995: Reflection
  • 1995 Talazo Fuji Party Music Compact Disk
  • 1996:Legacy
  • 1996: Faze 2 Global Tour ’96
  • 1997:History
  • 1997 Berlin Compact Disk
  • 1999:Fuji Fusion (Okofaji Carnival)
  • 2000: New Era
  • 2000: Faze 3
  • 2001: Message
  • 2001:Statement
  • 2001: New Lagos
  • 2002: Gourd
  • 2003: Big Deal
  • 2006: Flavour
  • 2011: Tribute To My Mentor
  • 2012: Instinct
  • 2012 Fuji Time
  • 2017 22 Dec Fuji Ep Let Music Flow

Hit Live Play

  • 1983 Talazo System
  • 1984:Omo Akorede
  • 1986: Golden Mercury
  • 1989: Siliky
  • 1990 American Tour Live
  • 1991 Yuppie Night 1 n 2
  • 1994: Consolidation live Ade Bendel
  • 1995 Sabaka Night
  • 1995 Oju Opon
  • 1995 Fadaka Club
  • 1995 London Hamburg Amsterdam Berlin 95
  • 1997 London Hamburg Amsterdam Berlin Paris 97
  • 1998 United Kingdom Live
  • 1998 Newyork Chicago Atlanta Houston & Canada Tour Toronto Montreal live 1998
  • 1999 New Era Live United Kingdom
  • 1999 Afinni
  • 2000 Canada live
  • 2007 United Kingdom Ireland Tour Live
  • 2007 The Truth Live


  • 1995 Womad Concert
  • 1997 Benson & Hedges
  • 1999 Benson & Hedges Loud in Lagos

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