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Top 10 State With The Highest HIV/AIDS Prevalent Rate In Nigeria Today

Check Out The Top 10 State With The Highest HIV/AIDS Infection Prevalent Rate In Nigeria Today : See Why HIV infection rate is high in Rivers State and Akwa Ibom.

These days people don’t die naturally again because different virus has taken over the earth like a plague. HIV/AIDS has remained one of the deadly virus that have been taken many to their early grave as a result of ignorance and i know you might be wondering why i used the word ignorance , i used it because some people still think HIV/AIDS is an illusion and it doesn’t exist while some people tagged it as “spiritual attack”. This might be funny to some people but it is the truth .

In year 2014, the HIV prevalence rate among adults ages 15 to 49 was 3.17 per cent. Nigeria has remained the second-largest number of people living with HIV. The truth is that the HIV epidemic in Nigeria is complex and varies from region to region. The epidemic is more concentrated and driven by high-risk behaviours in some Nigerian states , while other states have more cases of the epidemics as a result of their multiple sèxual partnerships in the general population. The people that are particularly vulnerable to HIV are the youth and young adults in Nigeria while the young women are at higher risk than young men.

There are many obvious factors that contribute greatly to the spread of HIV, they include prostìtution, international trafficking of women, high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STI), high-risk practices among itinerant workers, clandestine high-risk heterosexual and homoséxual practices and irregular blood screening.

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In Nigeria today, there are thousands and millions of people living with HIV/AIDS , some of the victims are aware of their current status while some are yet to know that they are living with the epidemic. Many have died suffering from the virus while others are managing it waiting patiently for their time to come. Just recently, the top 10 states in Nigeria with the highest HIV infection prevalence rate was published by UN and Abuja was anticipated to be on top, but lo and behold it wasn’t included in the list. The most recent ranking of Nigerian states with the highest HIV/AIDS cases was released by The National Agency for the control of AIDS, NACA for National Aids Reproductive Health Survey.

In 2012 , Akwa-Ibom State was crowned the Highest HIV/AIDS Infection Rate In Nigeria and the list was released by Benue State Commissioner for Health and Social Services, Dr. Oduen Abunku. He made it known that over “600,000” persons were living with the dreaded HIV/AIDS in the state. He added that the skyrocketing figure had left the state on the top of chart of available statistics of the most endemic states in the federation.

Fast forward to the year 2015, Rivers State beat states like Akwa-Ibom and Benue to emerged the state with the highest HIV/AIDS infection prevalent rate in Nigeria with 15.5 percent. In the clear chart, Taraba state was rated second on the chart with 10.5 percent, while Kaduna State was placed third with 9.2 percent. Followed by Nasarawa, FCT, Akwa Ibom, Sokoto, Oyo and Benue States securing the corresponding numbers fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth positions respectively on the chart.

Wife of the Benue state governor, Eunice Ortom, disclosed during the launch of the Guinness World Record on HIV in Markurdi , that Benue state had recorded significant progress in its fight against the deadly virus. She also revealed that the state had topped the chart of HIV/AIDS prevalence states in Nigeria over the past years. She attested that the recent drop was as a result of the dedication and collaborative efforts of Benue State Aids Control Agency (BENSACA) .

Despite the fact that Akwa Ibom State has dramastically dropped in terms of HIV cases in the state but it still remain one of the state with the highest HIV/AIDS cases in Nigeria 2017. Reacting to this development, Akwa Ibom State Agency for the Control of AIDS (AKSACA) blamed the high rate of HIV infection in the state on couples ‘insatiable’ crave for séx outside marriage. According to Dr. Nkereuwem Etok who is the Programme manager, the findings from a study conducted by the agency manifested that married people contribute to 51.6 per cent of HIV prevalence rate in the country while commercial sêx workers accounts only 4 per cent.

Edo state is now one of the states with highest HIV cases in Nigeria and it is very sad to hear that. According to our recent research , we gathered that about fifteen thousand (15,000) persons are currently living with HIV in Edo state. Taraba state secured the second spot , followed by Kaduna State , Nasarawa State , Federal Capital Territory, Abuja see the complete list after the cut.

  • Rivers State with 15.2%
  • Taraba State with 10.5%
  • Kaduna State with 9.2%
  • Nasarawa State with 8.1%
  • Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with 7.5%
  • Akwa Ibom State with 6.4%
  • Both Oyo State and Sokoto State with 5.6%
  • Yobe State with 5.3%
  • Cross River State with 4.4%
  • Ondo State with 4.3%
  • Edo State

Now that you know please be very careful and the best thing for you to do is to totally abstain from it. We encourage you to create awareness , make sure you share this information before you leave this page . What spot is your state occupying on this list? don’t be shy to let us know.

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