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Top 10 Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2018/2019 And Their Net Worth

Who Want’s To Know The Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2018/2019 ? Check Out The Wealthiest Nigerian Fuji Artiste Today

There has been a battle of supremacy among the Fuji musicians of Nigeria recently . Fuji fans in Nigeria are on the quest to know who the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria is. Our readers has also been speculating on this which is why we are going to be sharing with you the op 10 richest Fuji musicians of Nigeria 2018/2019 accompanied with how they managed to achieve this fame including every little fact that is worthy of note about them.

We have been shying away from this agitations and speculations existing among Fuji fans but today we are going to be up-front on this matter as we officially comment on the topic by releasing the complete and correct Top 10 The Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2018/2019 ranking by Before we proceed on this article there are some basic terms that need to be defined to promote a better understanding . The big Qestion on our desk is “Who is The Richest Fuji Artiste in Nigeria 2017? we can not effectively discuss this topic  if we don’t know what Fuji music is.

Now, “What is Fuji Music? Fuji Music is a genre of music that consist of Aro, Afro,Sakara, Apala, juju, gudugudu and high life all in one package. For many years , Nigerian artistes has been hiding under the shell of westernized due to the high rate of imitation .They abandoned traditional beats and adopt the newest trends and styles brought in by the Western culture because they are great admirer of westerners but forget the importance of African traditions and cultural heritage. They stepped away from the traditional beats and adopt the newest trends and styles brought in by the Western culture which is not a conventional path for Nigeria.

Soon after, the traditional beats disappeared under the intense pressure of the westerners beat. After all the revolution and reformation of Nigerian music culture , there is one particular style that didn’t vanish . This technique is known as Fuji and it has produced some celebrated Nigerian artistes who are now celebrated everywhere as they carry with them Nigerian culture and traditional beat. According to the history of Fuji music , it served as an idea of waking Muslims up before the dawn for a morning prayer. It later became more than that and started serving the entertainment and not only spiritual needs. Several wealthy Nigerian musicians has been able to utilize the opportunity and emerging the richest the in Genre.

It is now safe to say that there are lots of prominent musicians in this sphere and each of them is unique in their little ways. Some of these wealthy Fuji stars are well known within their states while others are popular in many different countries. Fuji music started in Nigeria in 1980s and it is very relevant to the new generations and they are not letting this style of music fade away. This list is ranked with the parameters listed below .

  • Media reports
  • Sales on iTunes
  • Income from shows and tours
  • Endorsement deals
  • Artist having his/her own label or signed to a label

Who Is The Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2017 | Check Out The Top 10 Wealthy Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2017 (Yoruba Musicians) And Their Net Worth

1. Pasuma Wonder

Pasuma Wonder has for long been crowned the richest the Fuji artiste In Nigeria , a position has occupied even in year 2016. Pasuma Wonder is one of the most celebrated  Fuji star who started his career many years ago . His real name is Wasiu Ajibola Alabi but popularly known by his stage name Pasuma Wonder . He rose to prominence really fast few years after diving into his music career . His debut album was sold really fast within a time frame of three month and he has also worked with pop musicians in the Industry which also gave his career a boost. His net worth is N750 Million as at October 2018

2. Kwam 1 (K1)

Born Wasiu Ayinde Marshal better known by his stage name Kwam 1 (K1). He is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most experienced Fuji musician in Nigeria who has acquired a lot of wealth through his career. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal is his real name but he is widely known as Kwam 1 and Obaluaye of Fuji. He was 3rd of March, 1957 in Lagos Island where he attended his primary and secondary school education before venturing into music professionally. He has successfully released a lot of album that made us to lost count . He is the most famous name in the genre since the mid – to late 1990s and in the late 1990s. He is the richest Nigerian Fuji artistes with a staggering net worth of N500 Million . His net worth is N500 Million as at 2018.

3. Saheed Osupa

Saheed Osupa is the third richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria who is also considered to be a controversial Fuji musician. He got his massive break-through after the release of his third studio album . He is one of the Fuji musician who has been struggling to gain recognition for many years but he eventually came through to lime-light after releasing his third album. Needless to say, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister once called him the king of music. And we think that title is not far fetch as his talent is speaking well for him.

4. Sule Alao Malaika (KS1)

Born Sule Alao Malaika better known by his stage name KS1, is one of the most wealthy and respected and bankable Nigerian Fuji artiste who have traveled far and wide . He has performed on several big stages in countries like Canada, Malaysia, Ireland, Wales, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Libya just to name a few. He  have a huge fan huge fan base and recently completed his multi million house in Ajah, Lagos state . His hits has been adopted by many hip-hop performers and has a lot of fans home and abroad.

5. Abass Akande Obesere

He is one of the most popular Fuji artiste in Nigeria who is widely known for his radical songs. Abass Akande Obesere started music career right from his primary school days and fight his way to become one of the most successful in the area. He has churned out many albums since he started singing such as Asakasa, Omorapala Overthrow, Egungun Be Careful, Obaadan, Mr. Teacher, Effissy etc. Aside music, he is also a business man who owns at least N500 million which makes him number four on our list of the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria.

6. Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba is one of the richest Fuji musician in the country who is well known for his deep thoughts and outstanding lyrics. Illiteracy is one common phenomenon among Fuji Musicians but Adewale Ayuba is among the few Educated Fuji Musician in Nigeria. He was among the first set of Glo Ambassador unveiled many years back before he was later dropped for pop musicians. His lyrics is considered as Unique and Distinctive when compared to that of his counterparts. The Fuji artiste who recently become a Christian has changed his lyrics and started introducing the new concepts he believes in. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep watching to see how this idea works for him.

7. Remi Aluko

Remi Aluko is the seventh richest Fuji musician in Nigeria currently and he is also known as Ajela. Despite being born a christian, he has fought against all odds to emerged as one of the big guns in the music sphere. This Fuji music sensation is popularly known for giving a Fuji touch to several hip hop tunes, but he appeals to a large audience that are mostly transporters or conductors.

8. Shefiu Alao

Shefiu Alao is the King of Fuji Music in Ogun State situated in the heart of Abeokuta , as he garnered lots of his fans in that location. Whether you like it or not, this list of richest Fuji musicians 2017 ranking is not complete  if Shefiu Alao is not included. He calls himself Omo Oko, which means “the local boy” . His talent and abilities have made him prominent and unique which is one obvious reason why majority of Yoruba’s prefers him to other Fuji musicians in the country.

9. Muri Thunder

Muri Thunder is one of those Nigerian musicians who came from dilapidated neighborhood where majority are suffering from penury. He started his career from the scratch and find his way to the top after many years of struggling . He finally reached fame and respect as a result of his continuous persistent and consistency.

10. Taiye Currency

He real name is Taiye Akande Adebisi, but popularly known by his stage name Taiye Currency , he has been able to fine tune his music career to secure this position on this list of wealthiest Fuji musicians in Nigeria today. He is yet to cover more ground in Nigeria , he is only well recognized in Oyo state given that that’s his home of residence. In a bid to cover more ground , he is now performing for different audiences in Lagos to expand his area of influence.

Taiye Currency started his music career as a back up singer for his brother who passed on some years ago . He decided to start his own career as a professional singer after the death of his brother and he is now doing it all alone . He is currently working very hard to break into the market and take the steering wheel from his counterparts.

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