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Top 10 Best And Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2018/2019

This article has in it the latest and updated Top 10 Best And Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2018/2019

The music genre known as hip pop is fast gaining acceptance in Nigeria today and there has been some prominent Nigerian rappers / hip-pop merchants who are currently giving the amateurs a run for their money. These Nigerian top rappers over the years have shown hip-pop lovers what the genre should really look like instead of some kind of trash music found in some African countries please don’t expect names — laughing.

Their consistency and persistency in putting in a lot of hard work into their career (music business) has proved them worthy of leading the hip hop music while their African counterparts are still very far behind. Just like the stand up comedians who traveled round the world taking their undiluted talents beyond the shores of Nigeria, the rappers has also held quite a number of concerts , show internationally and it is a form of Nigeria’s export which generates revenue for Nigeria . Need i remind that Nigerian home videos are watched in many English-speaking African countries and this is another form of exportation that generates revenue for the country.

The Nigerian musicians are also having their fair share of this entertainment exportation as they are not left behind , they are making waves in several foreign countries beyond Nigeria not just Africa alone. These hip hip stars are showcasing their talents globally while the glory and revenue that comes with it is channeled back into the country. Despite the various challenges and hurdles involved in the hip hop world today, there are still some numbers of Nigerian rappers/hip hop stars who are never tiring, awe-inspiring, highly resolute in their career.

Often times, we have come across some heated argument on the social media platforms where hip hip fans battle tirelessly over who is better than the other among the top Nigerian rappers. I strongly think that has to stop right now because we are coming through with the latest Top 10 Best and Hottest Rappers in Nigeria 2017/2018 official ranking.

Top 10 List Of Best And Hottest Rappers In Nigeria 2018/2019

1. Olamide Baddo

Undoubtedly, Olamide Adedeji who is widely called “Olamide Baddo” is the best Nigerian rapper since 2016 and he still is in 2018 perhaps will hold this title for a very long time because he retiring any time soon. Olamide is one of the most popular name in the history of Nigerian hip hip due to the pace at which he rose from the grass root to the very apex of rap game in the country. The famous industrious rapper is the CEO of one of the biggest Record Label in the country today, YBNL . He who has helped several rappers to become what they are today naming the likes of Lil Kesh, Viktoh, Chinko Ekun, Adekunle Gold and many others.

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He is generally considered as the most hard working rapper in this part of the world and Heavy weight rapper and Chocolate City CEO MI Abaga has also acknowledge that fact . We are of the notion that success comes with hard work they don’t just come overnight as you have to work for it, this is exactly the factor that places him at the top of Nigerian hip hip scene. Olamide Baddo “Neh” as he is fondly called was born March 15, 1989 and was raised in Barga area of Lagos state before he dived into music business .. Olamide is a name synonymous with many coveted awards including Hottest Rapper of 2015 by MTV Base and many studio albums to his name like “Eyan Maywhether”, “Yahoo Boy No Laptop” and several others.

2. M.I Abaga

Hid full name is Jude Abaga but he preferred to be seen as M.I Abaga, A.K.A Chairman ( where M.I stands for “Mr Incredible”). M.I Abaga is the CEO of Chocolate City record label which was home for top rappers like Ice Price, Jesse Jagz , Milli and others . The truth is that M.I is suppose to take the first spot on this list but he has been missing in action for about four years now which is not telling well on his career. His absence from the hip hop world appeared more like a retirement but we woke up to shock few days ago when he released his critically acclaimed single “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life” , a diss song for all Nigerian rappers who he believed are not representing well while he was absent .

There is no doubt, The self-made “Chairman” is one of the most respected Nigerian rappers for a very long time but we are not very sure if fans still hold him in such high esteem but since he is finally back to action , let’s see what he has for us. According to the gifted rapper, his latest album is ready for release , we are waiting to listen and digest this album when it comes out. Needless to say, M.I Abaga has been featured by hosts of Nigeria rappers and singers including Wizkid, Jesse Jaggz , Flavour, Banky W, Waje, 2face to name a few.

3. Phyno Phino

Born Chibuzor Nelson but widely known as Phyno Phino or Phyno Obago, is a Nigerian indigenous rapper who started his career as a producers before entering the booth to give rap a try after yielding to advice from friends. Phyno is the best rapper from the Eastern part of counr and he is highly celebrated amongst them . He has collaborated with many Nigerian musicians including Olamide Baddo, Zoro Swagbag, Flavour and many others. Phyno is one of the Nigerian rappers that is equal to the task who also has a huge fan base in Nigeria and across the chores of the country.

He is known for releasing multiple hit every years and some of his hit tracks include “Connect” where he featured his music brother Olamide, “Father Father” also featured Olamide , “O Set” featured music duo P-Square and his most recent song is “Augument” also feature Olaimde. Sometimes ago he co-released an album with Olamide titled “Two Kings”, an album that was spawn lots of hits.

4. Reminisce

Reminisce is another prominent name that has been in the game for a long time but he gained acceptance few years ago and had since proved his talent to the world . Reminisce is an indigenous fastest Yourba rapper who is often compared to late Da’ grin because of the attributes they share. He rose from underground hype to a higher ground where is now well known by Nigerians and currently dinning with the best hip hop lords.

Reminisce has been in the Nigerian Music Industry for a very long time but couldn’t gain acceptance on time but gained fame at the eleventh hour of his career and today, he is one of the most successful and best Nigerian rapper alive. His ‘Baba Hafusa’ album, stayed up on the the iTunes chart for weeks . He currently has some mouth watering endorsement deal for Giant companies like Origin drink and Samsung Galaxy. He also signed fast rising rapper “Ola Dips” to his record label while we were all expecting Olamide to make that smart move.

5. Falz The Badth Guy

The next best rapper on the queue is no other person than a young handsome man that abandoned his educational qualification as a lawyer to pursue his career as a rapper , Falz The Badth Guy. Today, Falz The Badth Guy is now one of the biggest guns in the Nigerian Entertainment Scene and also has interest in Comedy. He gained recognition from his regular upload of short comedy skit on social media before he officially dived into rapper professionally. Who ever thought a lawyer could rap this well, when i look at him all i see is fresh talent that will go places.

He has gradually created a household name for himself in the Nigerian rap industry but may not be as popular as the likes of Olamide or M.I Abaga but trust me he has created a niche for himself as a great rapper and already achieved a lot just few years into his professional career. He is widely known for his comedy like raps and his style is generally accepted because it arouse and ignite laughter

6. Illbliss

He is widely known as Illbliss Oga Boss, one of the best rapper from the Eastern route . Illbliss is the most brilliant rapper in Nigeria today and you would  throw weight at my opinion if you are conversant with his work without recourse. He does rap like it is the easiest thing to do on earth and he flows like a lion when ever he enters the booth. Illbliss Oga Boss currently has 3 albums to his name and numerous singles that will keep you nodding your head nonstop.

7. Yung6ix

The self acclimed “King of the South” is holding down the number seventh spot on this list of Best Rappers in Nigeria: The Top 10. He might not really be the south south rap king right now but we are very sure he is gradually coming very close to that holding crown . Yung6ix is a Nigerian rapper who hails from Warri , Delta state Nigeria . He started his hustle in 2010 when he remixed Ice Prince “Oleku” and his version was rated highly. He currently has an album titled “6ix” supported by hits like “Blessing” where he featured Oritse Femi and mother others. He has collaborated with several top notch musicians like M.I Abaga , Wizkid, Oritse Femi and many others.

8. Vector Da Viper

Vector Da Viper is the only Nigerian rapper that sound like America Heavy weight rapper , Jayz and this has been a protege for his career. He is one of the best rappers in Nigeria today with some banging hits to his name . The eccentric rapper has a fall out with his former record label some time ago but later apologized and buried his grudges. His ‘King Kong’ song with Reminisce was one of his best achievement as it was well- received by music critics . He raps more in English which is so unique while others prefer to go with their local dialect.

9. Jesse Jagz

Despite the fact that Jesse Jagz has been missing in action just like his brother M.I ,  he still deserves our respect because he has contributed immensely to the growth of Nigerian hip hop music. He was formally signed to Chocolate City where he worked hand in hand with Jude Abaga in pushing the label to the next level before he finally left to float his own label “Jaggz of All Trades”. After pursuing his solo career for some years, he came back home to his formal Label.

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Jesse Jagz has worked with a lot of big names that rings bell in the Industry, people like Daddy Yo crooner Wizkid, M. I, Ice Prince, Brymo, Cynthia Morgan and mony more.

10. Naeto C

Naeto C is rated as the 10th best rap artistes in Nigeria today which is relatively too low for the kind of talent he posses. Reason being that he has been missing in action for quite some years. Naeto C has worked with several big rappers in the industry including Ice Prince and his ‘Ten Over Ten’ song is considered one of the biggest hit that ever came out from Nigeria. He is well-known for his signatory word “Yes Boss” and hasn’t come out with something new recently perhaps he is too busy with family.

The top Nigerian rapper is happily married and blessed with 2 kids . He is highly respected because he is the only Nigeria rapper has went very far in terms of academics and his raps conforms with global standard.

These are the Nigerian rappers that made the top 10 , but there are other hot rappers who should be duly acknowledged for their success in the hip hip scene. They worthy of mention rappers who are also prominent in their rap business are ;

  • Mode Nine
  • EL Dee
  • Lil-Kesh
  • Ice Prince Zamani
  • Eva Alordiah
  • Eedris Abdukareem
  • Sasha P
  • Ycee

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