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The Nigeria Zip Code And It Use

The Nigeria Zip Code — In our previous post, we explained everything about Nigeria Postal Code because many people don’t know the difference between Postal code and zip code. In that article, we were able to do justice to the topic as we took time to explain the distinction that exist between the two and what postal code is use for.

The reason behind this article is to clear the confusion you’re having in regards to Zip codes/postal codes usage in Nigeria. We understand that there is a misconception for the difference between Nigeria zip code and postal code. If you are one of those persons that is not clear about Nigeria zip code then i suggest you give me your undivided attention as you read through the lines of this article. All you have to do right now is relax as this article will tell you all you should about zip code of Nigeria and what it is used for. It is very funny when people think that zip codes are the same with postal codes, please that is wrong . Postal code have been clearly explained here.

“What is zip code of Nigeria” is the Frequently asked questions online by many persons perhaps they need this information to complete an online registration form. You can get a clarification on what Nigeria ZIP code is being used for and also you will stop mistaking Nigeria ZIP code for postal codes. The word Zip code stands for (Zone Improvement Plan) codes which is ONLY relevant to the people living in the United States. That is to say that, The US does not regard postal codes from other countries as “ZIP” codes. Although, postal codes are used in other countries — ZIP codes in the US are used for the same purposes for which other countries use postal codes — for mailing purposes.

What you should understand is that ZIP codes are to the US while postal codes are to other countries — including Nigeria. Don’t also forget that the USPS (United States Postal Service) has codes for overseas countries, which are used when handling deliveries. If you are filling an online form in Nigeria and you are required to key in your zip code , then it should be “110001” or “23401”. If these codes are not accepted then try inputting “00176” it will work.

Please don’t confuse yourself anymore, 234 or +234 is not the ZIP code for Nigeria rather it is the dialing code for Nigeria. Whenever you’re required to provide your country ZIP code, simply use “110001, 23401, or 00176”.


Updated: February 7, 2019 — 1:01 am

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