Temi Otedola Biography – Net Worth, Blogging Career & Age

I told you that we will be discussing The Otedola’s this period. We recently¬† checked out Femi Otedola’s Biography and DJ Cuppy’s Biography and the next person on the list is Temi Otedola. Continue scrolling down to read her complete biography where we will be revealing some intriguing facts about the beautiful daughter of Nigerian Billionaire daughter.

Temi Otedola is her real name and she is the lovely daughter of Femi Otedola, Nigerian billionaire oil magnate and philantropist. Temi Otedola is a Fashion blogger and social media star who is the younger sister of Nigerian music sensation and producer DJ Cuppy. Temi was born on the 17th of April 1996 and known to be one of the best dressed popular personality from Nigerian and popular addressed as a Fashionista. She has five siblings including DiJ Cuppy and a brother born into a wealthy family that has money like it nothing.

The famous Fashion blogger and social media star became popular with the influence of her famous family background and from her social media activeness. Her father Femi Otedola owns several companies in Nigeria and across the country realizing billions of cash on a daily basis. Talking about the most wealthy and famous family in Nigeria today, the list is not comprehensive and complete enough if Otedola’s name is missing from it.

Her father is the CEO of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Comapny including other companies and real estate businesses. A young man named Price Otedola is her younger brother and the only male child in the family obviously the one that will inherit most of the family properties as a male child in the family.

She first began her blogging career in 2014. Her style skills and association with her famous sister have earned her more than 120,000 Instagram fans. She is the owner of a reputable and enviable fashion blog, that also cut across other niche like art, travel and photography. Her blog is getting more popular as the days go by and currently getting toons of traffic. Most of her income comes from her blog and the rest from her family.

You know what it means to be a member of Otedola’s family, that means you don’t have to dream of anything in your life because you can have them any time and any day all you have to do is just ask that’s when you can’t afford it yourself.

Temi Otedola’s Boyfriend

Temi Otedola is currently dating Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi who is based in Ghana all his life. It seems Temi loves him very much because she has been spoiling him with money and good stuffs. The last birthday Mr Eazi celebrated was a bomb and probably the best he ever had because his bae made things happen for him . She bought him things and fly him around the world in a private jet . That is the dividend of dating the daughter of a billionaire. If you need this type of life for yourself then get yourself one rich kid and you are good to go.

Temi Otedola’s Birthday

Daughter of Oil Billionaire and stylish fashion blogger, Temi Otedola just turned 21 on the March 20 2017, and she marked the memorable age with a quiet dinner with her family.

The stunning fashion enthusiast who like her sister and father is beginning to carve a niche for herself celebrated her birthday with her dad, Femi Otedola, mother, Nana and disc jockey elder sister, Ifeoluwa Cuppy Otedola.

Temi’s age and Net Worth is coming your way soon


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