Sola Sobowale Biography – Net Worth, Age And Children

REAL NAME: Sola Sobowale [Toyin Tomato]
NET WORTH: Estimated net worth is[]
DATE OF BIRTH: Born 26th of December. [age]
OCCUPATION: Nigerian film actress, screenwriter, director and producer.

HUSBAND: She is married to Oludotun Sobowale
CHILDREN: She is a mot of 5 kids
TWINS DAUGHTER: Her twin daughters are Taiwo Sobowale and Kehinde Sobowale

Who is Sola Sobowale? that is the question we are going to be answering right on this article. Sola Sobowale is a popular Nigerian film actress, screenwriter, director and producer. She rise to fame after starring in Wale Adenuga’s “Super Story” where she played the role of “Toyin Tomato”.


Sola Sobowale acting career beginning can be traced back to many years ago when she joined a member of the Awada Kerikeri Group under the leadership of Adebayo Salami. Hard work and constituency propelled her to the top of her career and she has successfully scripted, co-scripted, directed and produced several notable Nigerian films.

According to her biography, she scripted, produced and directed, Ohun Oko Somida, a 2010 Nigerian film that stars Adebayo Salami . She has been featured in several blockbuster movies including “Dangerous Twins”, a 2004 Nigerian drama film produced by Tade Ogidan, written and directed by Niji Akanni. Sobowale was also featured in a movie produced and directed by Tade Ogidan titled “Family on Fire”.

Sola Sobowale’s journey to showbiz started when she opted out of College of Education to follow her dream by going to Ibadan then the hub of entertainment in Nigeria. She initially enrolled as a Secretary in training at Sight & Sound, Ibadan, Tunji Oyelana, (Sura Di Tailor) who married her elder sister, Kikelomo got her enrolled in the University of Ibadan’s Department of Music. Things didn’t go as planned , so she gave up and eventually opted for the thespian art. She appeared in many movies including “Village Headmaster”, Lola Fani Kayode’s “Mirror In The Sun” and a couple of stage productions including Femi Osofisan’s “Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again”, this was the best moments in her career as she kept rising and improving in her craft. She also scored more credits in a long list of Yoruba movies- Asewo To Re Mecca and Eri Okan.

According to the actress, her acting career has never enjoyed rave reviews, acclaim and boost, as it has received in Super story’s Oh Father, Oh Daughter. At some point, her career meant different thing to different people. She disclosed that some women have walked up to her and told her that the role she played in Super story has helped them to restore their marriages, especially relationships that have been disturbed or threatened by the second woman.

“I am happy the role has touched lives and changed many homes for better.” She said.

Sola Sobowale is married to former corporate executive director of EKO Hospital, Dotun Sobowale, who now reside abroad. Her father wasn’t in support of her chosen career when she told him she was venturing into acting, Pa Olagookun, 77, who hails from Ifon, Ondo State, raised her to become a  tutor. In those day, it is the duty of parents to dictate what your future career will be but things has broken out from that old norm. Only few years into her professional acting career , she has proven to her dad that movie acting pays far more than teaching because she has constantly lavished her money on him

In a recent chat with Sobowale’s father Pa Olagookun , the 77 years old man said;

“I didn’t like her going into acting much. I wanted her to be an academician. She was a very brilliant child. She was very robust, active and intelligent. One of the attributes she had was sticking to whatever she wanted to do. She was very pertinacious.” He also added that he was really determined to bend her to his opinion but the influence of his brother-in-law changed his position.

“Tunji Oyelana, my son-in-law and then a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, was a great influence. I think she was really influenced by him and I think she had encouragement from him and with that I couldn’t object.”

The Wedding Party actress opened up about her upbringing, career and fashion in a new interview with Punch. checkout her interview after the jump:

As a kid, did you entertain thoughts of becoming an actress?

Growing up, I remember that I represented Ondo State at many sporting events. I was also fortunate to have a brother-in-law, Tunji Oyelana, aka Sura the Tailor, who was a lecturer at the University of Ibadan. He was also a singer and an actor who made me love the arts. It was with his help that I became an actress.

What was the reaction of your parents when you made it known to them that you wanted to become an actress?

I was the apple of their eyes, but they weren’t in support. My father was a retired principal, while my mother was a former headmistress. My dad actually wanted me to become a teacher, while my mum wanted me to become a nurse. In a way, I’m still doing those things they wanted, albeit in a different way. When you watch my movies and smile, that’s a form of therapy because you’re relaxed watching me. I also teach through my movies, highlighting the difference between right and wrong. In all, I give God the glory that before they passed on, they accepted me and my profession. There was a time I was to receive awards for acting at three different places, and my parents went to represent me at those events as well as receive the awards on my behalf.

How long did it take for your parents to support for your career?

With Tunji Oyelana’s help, it was quite easy to get their support. If my brother-in-law hadn’t stepped in, I wouldn’t have been able to convince them because in my house, when daddy says no, mummy says no too. Mr. Oyelana made my parents understand that acting is a profession and not all actresses are wayward. Besides, there are wayward people in every profession; it depends on the individual. I thank God that I made something fantastic and fabulous out of my career.

Did you undergo any form of training when you first joined the industry?

I did train in acting but it was more of a grassroots kind of training and that’s why I act more in Yoruba movies. But I’m a typical Nigerian lady, and I like to be seen and heard all over. I do everything, provided the script has content, substance, and people can learn from it.

Which of your movies would you say brought you into the limelight?

All my movies have been wonderful and people love them. It is not by my power though, but the grace of God. However, it was Toyin Tomato that took me outside the shores of Nigeria, and I’m thankful to Wale Adenuga for giving me the opportunity. I’ve been invited to many countries on the strength of that job.

Does the character Toyin Tomato have any semblance to your actual personality?

I give God all the glory and that’s the paramount thing. Whenever I want to do anything, I give it my best. I don’t have a shop, and I’m not a good businesswoman; acting is what I know how to do best. I love making people happy through acting, and I put in my all. I usually ask God for direction whenever I’m given a job to do because you can’t do anything without God. Whenever you see me on screen, just know that God is in control.

What’s your personality like off camera?

I’m a very principled person. I am not diplomatic, and I call a spade a spade. With me, what you see is what you get. I’m also down-to-earth, easy and homely. I’m a mother and I don’t joke with my family. I also don’t joke with my God.

You were off the movie scene for close to 15 years, what was the reason behind the long break?

I had to go off scene to take care of my kids, children did not ask to be born so when you have them it’s your duty to take care of them and I have got 5 of them to take care of. So I left Nigeria 15 years and took them with me to take care of them and today I give God the glory because they have all graduated and they are working. I have given them their legacy so now it’s time for me to face my passion. Now I feel fulfilled and am back for good. A mother is a home maker, she takes care of the kids and her husband because the husband is the head of the house. A mother must respect her husband.

What has kept you still relevant in the industry despite the long break?

I believe so much in God, I believe this is what God ordained me to do and that is why am still relevant.

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting for 40 years. I was in Village head master, Mirror in the sun, and I have done stage too.

Selected Movies

  • The Wedding Party (2016)
  • Asewo to re Mecca (1992)
  • Dangerous Twins (2004)
  • The Wedding Party 2 (2017)
  • Ohun Oko Somida (2010)
  • Family on Fire (2011)

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