Salary Structure Of Nigerian Senators [ Salary & Allowances]

Wondering on how much Nigerian senators salary structure looks like? if you are interested in that then you r welcome to the right portal because we are about to share with you the Salary Structure Of Nigerian Senators and House Of Reps Members in President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration .

Common sense will tell you that Nigerian senators are swimming inside money pool and and average Nigerian senator is a rich man which ever angle you look at it. Nigerian senators are able to live their luxurious lifestyle as a result of the huge salary they receives on monthly basis.

While many Nigerians the less fortunate especially are groaning under the yoke of recession as they live from hand to mouth, members of the National Assembly (NASS) comprising the Senators and Members of House of Representatives are busy spending their outrageous salary on things that doesn’t count . The report obtained by Economic intelligence magazine showed the ‘legitimate’ remuneration of the federal legislators in compliance to the statutory approval of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

When we say remuneration packages they encompasses annual salaries, accommodation, Personal Assistants, House maintenance, domestic staff, vehicle maintenance and fuel, entertainment and utilities allowances. Aside their basic salaries as a senator, they are also given a host of allowances that make their total take-home pay really huge. The allowances also include constituency allowance, wardrobe, newspapers, responsibility allowances, Annual Leave and Hardship allowance.

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When you see Nigerians fighting to the death just to join the bigger boys in politics , rushing into representing their senatorial district at the national assembly don’t just think they really have the interest of the people they are representing at heart , must of them are just there because of the money aspect , i.e the reward that accompany it. The truth is that the basic salary being received by the Nigerian senator is almost higher than or equal to what the president receives on annual basis, even after the 50% reduction of his salary of President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice Yemi Osinbanjo. When we compare this salary structure with that of other countries in western world , you would effortlessly understand that Nigerian senator are among the highest paid politicians in the world at large.

Some of you might be wondering what really lead to us writing this article today because we are not really mush about politics , we decided to go off niche today because there have been much debate over the monthly salary of a Nigeria senator which is no longer new to the Nigerians. Also have it at the back of your mind that the figures listed here is the report from the “National Institute of Legislative Studies” released for public consumption and it manifest how much a Nigerian law maker earns per month and yearly .

Nigerian senators salary structure is an information that you can’t easily find on the net because they are trying as much as possible to be discreet about it. The main purpose of this article is to get you acquainted with the correct Nigerian senator salary so that you too can know the how much a Nigerian senator receives as pay-pack every month.

According to information gathered from reliable sources, a Nigerian senator takes home “N2,026,400.00” on annual basis as the basic salary. The total money becomes larger after adding other allowances to this basic salary. Nigerian senator total salary amounts to a total of “N9, 525,985.50” when other allowances are not added. When the necessary allowances are added to the basic salary it becomes “N12, 902,360.00” on annual basis. It automatically means that the “109” senators in Nigeria earn a total sum of “N1, 406, 357,240.00” during their four years term.

There are several components in the basic salary and allowances that makes up this total salary of a Nigerian senator. The allowances that makes up this amount are Vehicle fueling , Vehicle maintenance, Constituency, Domestic staff, Personal assistant, Entertainment recess, Utilities, Newspaper/periodic allowance, house maintenance, Wardrobe, Estacode and Duty tour. That is not all, after a four year duration in the national assembly, the senator is paid an extra amount of N24,000,000. This extra amount is for other allowances like furniture allowance, vehicle loan , accommodation, severance allowance etc.

The summation of the money spent on Nigerian senators by the Federal government amounts to N2, 625, 810.00 and it goes to expenses like accommodation, gratuity, furniture and vehicle loans. By the time this money is added to the basic salary and other allowances mentioned above, the government will end up spending not less that “N33, 992,360” the “109” senators . Comparing this amount with what other senators earn across the world , it is very obvious that Nigerian senators earn the highest. I will give you an insight on this, United States of America senators earn annual salary of “$3,409,422” while Philippines, senators earn “$4,497,957” .

  • Lawmakers in Kenya earn $968,013 annually
  • Senators in Australia earn a total of $646,230 per annum.
  • Parliament Members in the United Kingdom earn total sum of £494,285.43.
  • Lawmakers in India on the other hand earn $474,484.
  • Lawmakers in in Singapore earn $253,469 and those in Tanzania earn $230,961.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Nigerian Senator Salary Structure 2017/2018

Nigerian Senator annual basic salary is N2,026,400,00 . Those that are members of Nigerian House of Representatives earn N1,985,212, 50 as their basic salary


The summation of the allowances a Nigerian senator is “N12, 902, 360.00” annually. The House of Representatives member on the other hand receives “N9,525,985.50” annually. The total allowances of a Nigerian senator amounts to “N24,090,000.00” while House of Representatives member on the opposite side is “N23,822,00.00”.

The Nigerian government for the past years has been spending a total of “N150 billion” per year on the NASS . After the restructuring of the system, the federal government had to curtail it to “N120 billion” following the call for government reconsideration from concern Nigerian citizen on how the lawmakers are spending tax payers money on irrelevant things. I just can’t stop wondering why the people in the Military who put their life on the line to protect the country are not heavily rewarded .

I was just saying though, but what is your take on this matter? let’s hear your voice via the comment box.

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