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Rita Dominic Biography – Net Worth, Age, Child, Family & Movies

BIRTH NAME: Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha
STAGE NAME: Rita Dominic
NET WORTH: Her net worth is estimated to be N950 million
DATE OF BIRTH: Born July 12, 1975
HOW OLD IS RITA DOMINIC: She is currently 42 years old
OCCUPATION: Nigerian actress and film maker


Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha whose stage name is Rita Dominic, is a Veteran Nigerian actress and film maker. She is one of the oldest Nigerian actress in Nollywood who rose to fame in late 90s and she’s done very well for herself and family. According to recent observation and reports, Rita Dominic is categorized as one of the most successful and bankable film goddess in the Nigerian movie industry. The multiple award winning actress has bagged several coveted awards including Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2012.

Early Life , Background And Childhood

Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha who is better known by her stage name Rita Dominic, was born on the 12th of July, 1975 to the Royal Waturuocha family as the youngest of four children. She is a member of the Royal Waturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State. Her father was a doctor and her mother a nurse but they passed many years ago. Before her parents died, they were medical practitioners. She completed her secondary school education at the prestigious Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, before heading to the University of Port Harcourt, where she graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts in 1999.

Career And Life

Rita Dominic’s passion for acting originated during her childhood days, she knew right from the beginning that her ambition was movie acting and she was always ready to give up anything for that career. Her movie career officially came into play when she was a child , she started performing when she was a child, appearing in school plays and children’s television shows in Imo State. She officially made her movie debut in 1998 when she starred in the movie titled “A Time to Kill”. She won the City People Awards in 2004 as the Most Outstanding Actress. She has starred in over 100 Nollywood productions.

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Rita Dominic has also single-handedly produced several Nollywood movies as well as appearing in several music video. She once made her intention to ventured into music known some years ago but she is yet to make that happen perhaps she is waiting for the right time. Rita Dominic is widely considered as the most ravishing Nolllwood actress regardless of her age and that is the quality she possess that makes her stand out among her counterparts. When asked the secrete behind her never aging body, she said “I engage myself in 2 hours daily exercise to ease stress and keep my body and soul healthy”. She also revealed her hobbies , reading,travelling,watching movies and acting.

Her Nigerian romantic comedy film titled “The Meeting” was produced in 202 and it bagged six nominations at the 9th “Africa Movie Academy Awards”. She is one of the Nigerian celebrity that have been able to garnered a huge fan base , she is also one of the most followed Nigerian celebrity on social media.

Personal Life And Relationship

Rita Dominic was rumored to be dating Nigerian soccer star John Mikel Obi. People believed they were into serious relationship because they were spotted together on several occasions. When asked if they were dating one of Mikel’s aides replied, ” I was sent by Mikel to go scout for good expensive ring”. He also made it clear that Mikel hasn’t been known with so many women, this was the major reason why Rita Dominic a prime suspect. At last , it all happened that we were all day dreaming because they never had nothing to do with each other but they were good friends that always communicated via phone. It is so heartbreaking to learn that our Nollywood queen at age 42 is still single and waiting patiently for her mister right . Maybe God has a plan for her who knows, hopefully we will be seeing those wedding pictures with her husband real soon.

Some time ago, there was a photo of Rita Dominic and a young girl that was trending online and she was rumored to be the girl’s mother. According to our finding, Rita has no children and is looking forward to having children when she gets married,not before then. Unlike many Nigerian celebrities who has been into several marriages and walking out of it few months or years later, Rita has never been married so any rumours of a past husband is untrue . If you see her photo wearing wedding gown, trust me ,they are from a movie.

Some years ago, Rita Dominic was accused of bleaching her skin and this is a common accusations that Nigerian actresses and singers face all the time. It is no longer news that many actresses have gone from a dark shade to 3 shades lighter skin withing a short time. But in the case of Rita, We are not sure how much Rita has bleached her skin or if she has at all,but she does look a bit lighter than she did when she started out. This is not enough reason to accuse her of bleaching because there must be a slight difference in your skin colour when you were struggling to survive and when you have finally arrived . This is because your stress may have reduced and you don’t longer enter under direct sunlight , in such case what do you expect from your skin? there must be a big difference .

Rita Dominic talked About Her Love Life In 2011 Interview

We don’t hear about whom you are dating, we don’t hear your wedding bells or if you are even interested in wedding bells?

You don’t hear about whom I am dating because I have learned how to keep my private business private. If you want to hear wedding bells, why don’t you ring it yourself?

But your fans want to know

Not every tiny detail of my private life, I am already on twitter and facebook so they know a lot about me already. I try not to discuss my relationships because I hate what happens whenever it gets out. Every little thing becomes magnified and not many men can handle being under that kind of scrutiny. And when it does not work out, you are expected to start explaining why it did not work or start forming that you never had a relationship in the first place. No thank you.

Rita Dominic Said She Could Have Been Married a Long Time Ago

Nollywood diva, Rita Dominic has broken her silence, revealing why she’s still single.

In a recent interview with the newly launched lifestyle and fashion magazine, Schick, owned by Simi Esiri, Rita Dominic revealed that she could have been married a long time ago, but things didn’t work out. The multiple award-winning actress, however, is hopeful that God will present the right man to her at the right time. “ I believe that God is in charge of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time,” she said.

When asked whether social pressure don’t get to her,

Rita replied, “ I am a human being and I would be lying to say that it doesn’t sometimes. More so because it’s something I sincerely want to do but the feeling passes when I remember that society will not live with the person. She continues, “I will live with the man, so it is very important that I do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me.” On the myth that sèx, for women, gets better with age, Rita opined that sèx at 40 is what you make of it. “If you ordinarily don’t enjoy it, age won’t make a difference. I find that when a woman embraces her sèxuality, many Nigerians equate it to being Ashewo , as if we should act like sèx is not pleasurable,” he argued.

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Rita described dating, as a nightmare, “especially in this days of social media where with one click you are all over the internet.” Though she admitted that “ I do date when someone special comes around.” So, what is it like when she’s in a relationship? “ I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things couples do, but I am also wary of liars and bullies, “ the beautiful actress muted. Rita said, she’s passionate about giving back to society and she does so at any opportunity she gets. She works with an organization that support the physically challenged people, with the aim to provide them with facilities that will improve their well being.

Awards And Nominations

Awards Won

  • Best Actress In A Comedy award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2015
  • Best Movie Comedy award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2015
  • Outstanding Actress award at the City Peoples Awards in 2004
  • Best Acress award at the 2012 Kalasha Film Festival and Television Awards Kenya
  • Special Jury Mention Award at the Africa International Film Festival in 2013
  • Female Producer of The Year award at the ELOY AWARDS in 2013
  • Best Actress in lead role award at the Nollywood Movies Awards in 2013
  • Best Actress in Lead Role film award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2013
  • Best Film award at the Nollywood Week Paris Film Festival in 2014
  • Best Supporting Actress English Film award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2014
  • Best Actress Lead Role award at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards in 2014
  • Best Actress In a Leading Role award at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2012
  • Best Actress In Supporting role English film award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2013
  • New Era Award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2014
  • Best Actress – Drama/TV Series award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2017
    And many more


  • Best Actress in Drama/TV Series award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2015
  • Best Actress Leading Role award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2009
  • Actress of the year (Nollywood) award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2015
  • Best Supporting Actress award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2016
  • Best Actress Leading role award at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2010
  • Best Actress lead role award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2012
  • Best Actress In a Leading Role award at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2013
  • Best Actress In A Supporting Role award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2014
  • Best Actress – Africa Collaboration award at the Ghana Movie Awards in 2013
  • Best Actress Lead Role award at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards in 2013
  • Movie Actress of the Year award at the ELOY Awards in 2014
  • Best Actress In Leading Role award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2017
    And many more


  • Children of Terror
  • Prisoner of Love
  • My Guy
  • Face of a Liar
  • Aba Riot
  • Unforgettable
  • To Love a Thief
  • Throwing Stones
  • The Intruder
  • Street Life
  • Love You Forever
  • Lean on Me
  • Back from America
  • A Night to Remember
  • Accidental Discharge
  • Working Class Lady
  • True Romance
  • The Ingrate
  • The Faithful
  • Sweet Love
  • Singles & Married
  • Schemers: Bad Babes
  • Nights of Riot
  • Love Temple
  • Love After Love
  • Lost Paradise
  • Last Wedding
  • Indecent Act
  • I Believe in You
  • Goodbye New York
  • Blood Diamonds
  • All My Life
  • Wheel of Change
  • Ultimate Crisis
  • Tricks of Women
  • The Begotten
  • Suicide Lovers
  • Queen of My Heart
  • Orange Groove
  • Only Love
  • Never Too Far
  • More Than Gold
  • Love Story
  • Last Game
  • Kill the Bride
  • Joshua
  • Guys on the Line
  • Face of Africa Tracey
  • Desperate Billionaire
  • C.I.D
  • Bless Me
  • 2 Face
  • Wedding Fever
  • Unbreakable Affair
  • Total Control
  • The Humble Lion
  • Sweet Sound
  • Spirit of Love
  • Show Girls
  • Saviour
  • Million Dollar Sisters
  • Married for Money
  • Last Offence
  • Jealous Heart
  • Hidden Murderer
  • Girls Cot
  • Dancing Heart
  • Connected Firm
  • All I Have
  • Yahoo Millionaire
  • The Next Election
  • Sleek Ladies
  • Legal War
  • Immaterial
  • Caught-Up
  • A Better Place Blossom
  • Yankee Girls
  • True Lies
  • White Waters
  • Run Away Prince
  • Saidi’s Song
  • Iyore
  • Suru L’ere

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