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Richest Hausa Kannywood Entertainers In Nigeria 2018/2019 [Actors and Actresses]

We previously unveiled the top 10 richest Yoruba actors and actresses in Nigeria 2018/2019 and this subsequent article will be looking at the top 10 Richest Hausa Kannywood Entertainers Actors and Actresses in Nigeria 2017. The Nigeria Entertainment Industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years with different talent springing up on a daily basis.

There are currently some prominent names in Kannywood today and we are going to be listing out the top 10 Kannywood entertainers which ultimately covers both the actors and actresses. It is no news that Kannywood is quite far behind it terms of growth but their capability and achievements¬† in recent times can’t be swept under the carpet. Looking closely at the Nigeria Entertainment world today Kannywood in particular, you would agree with me that quite a number of Actors and Actresses in that area has risen beyond expectations.

Today, Kannywood is an indigenous film industry that is home for several wealthy actors and actresses particular from Northern states. Without mush ado, we are going to share with you at the this point, the Top 10 Richest Hausa Kannywood Actors and Actresses 2017 for informative purpose only.

1. Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu has been long forgone as the richest Hausa Kannywood Actors in Nigeria 2017 but his actual net worth hasn’t been made public at this time. The Hausa movie star recently completed his huge mansion and a Hotel at Bauchi . He is also a brand ambassador to more than seven Nigerian giant companies. He entered into the firm industry about fifteen years ago and he is still doing what he knows how to do best.

2. Adam A. Zango

Adam A. Zango is another popular name in Kannywood and he is the second richest actors in Hausa movie world. The movie star is said to charge about a million and half for show appearance and he charges three hundred thousand Naira for movie role. He is currently an MTN ambassador which reportedly earned him millions of naira. News have it that he recently complete his Kaduna mansion.

3. Dauda Kahutu Rarara

Dauda Kahutu Rarara is the number one choice for Nigerian politicians especially those once from the North. Aside acting , he also songs and he is the third richest kannywood star. He has acquired a mighty Mansion along Zoo Road Kano.

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4. Musician Nura M. Inuwa

At the spot we have another popular name in the North who is well-known by his full name Musician Nura M. Inuwa. He is a famous musician that is well known for his constant release of two albums every year since the beginning of his career.

5. Sani Musa Danja

Hausa actor, Sani Musa Danja, is unarguably one of the most recognisable faces in the Northern movie industry known as Kannywood. The actor, musician and entertainer, according to reports from that part of the country, is now the richest celebrity to come out of the North . He currently has several endorsement deals worth millions of naira, particularly with giant telecommunication company, Starcomms, Globacom and others.

6. Halima Atete

Halima Atete is beauty and brain, she is first female kannywood star that made our list of Richest Northern Entertainers in Nigeria today.

7. Sani danja

He is one of the biggest name in the history of kannywood . He amassed wealth for himself with the money he got from the presidential campaign he did in 2011. He has completed his mansion at Abuja.

8. Sadik Sani Sadik

Sadik Sani Sadik is one of the most talented and respect female actress in Hausa movie industry . She is the second female that made this list congratulation to the diva for crossing this milestone. Other names worthy of mention include “Hadiza Gabon”, “Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya” etc


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  1. Undoubtedly, ALI NUHU is ever comparable to any in Kannywood

  2. Ali nuhu is the best and the richest actor

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