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Richest Comedians in Nigeria 2018/2019 – Top 10 And Their Net Worth

Who Is The Richest Comedian in Nigeria 2018/2019 ? See The Comedian That Made The Top Ten List 

There are several Nigerian comedians in the Entertainment Industry today who entered into the business back in the days when comedy was not professionally regarded but today , they are smiling to the bank when we all smile to their jokes. The richest/wealthiest comedy merchants in Nigerian today started their art when everybody undermined it and they have risen from grass to stardom.

Comedians are the most loved and respected Entertainers in Nigeria today because of their creative abilities and their sense of humor in cracking our ribs , making us smile even when you got no reason to open our teeth. Most Nigerian comedians have mastered their comedy skills to that extent that lovers of jokes / comedy are now willing and ready to to pay up to the tune of million Nairas just to have them perform at their events such as house warming parties, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and what have you. Most people always love watching comedians do their things because it is a cause for them to laugh heartily and also kill boredom.

Taking a good look at The Nigerian entertainment industry, it has gone through a lot of transformation, with the emergence of Comedians taking the fore front of comedy sector in the world not just Nigeria alone. These comedians appear to their audience to be foolish and probably unserious, don’t get fooled by these people as they are steadily enriching their banks accounts while living their dreams. A lot of wealthy comedians have emerged from Nigeria , they started from the grass root and they were able to make it to their apex of the business making them a big merchant . They organise shows where they realize millions and billions of cash example is the famous Nights of a Thousand Laughs, the AY Live show, Crack Ya Ribs, Akpororo Vesus Akpororo to Stand Up Nigeria. These comedy shows have helped these set of comedians not only stake their claims as the top comedians in Nigeria but also the richest in the industry.

Significantly, the Nigerian entertainment industry has become a fascinating atmosphere emerging with funny comedians. Comedy is one of the faces of entertainment and several Nigerians has been able to make millions of naira from this facet . This article has in it the leading Nigerian comedians who are currently topping when it comes to money in the bank. That takes us to the big question of the day. Who Is The Richest Comedian In Nigeria ? Check it out yourself after the jump.

1. Alibaba

Born Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere better known by his stage name Alibaba, is a top Nigerian comedians who started the game when it was nothing. They helped create a niche for other new comedians to follow and has mentored several comedians who are now millionaires and billionaires. Yes of course, Alibaba is tagged as the “father of Nigeria’s modern day comedian” with so much emphasis placed on his name to make it more prominent than other Nigerian comedians. He is well known for having organized comedies for reputable Nigerians –particularly some politicians. He was the comedians who created Nigerian comedy sector and made it a source of generating income.

Alibaba have hosted several events for dignitaries and got paid heavily especially Nigerian politicians and presidents precisely. He is one of the most successful Nigerian comedian who owns a lot of houses and other properties, his residential home in a Lekki is a mansion valued at over N300 million Naira . Our research states that he has a chain of businesses in Lagos and is a motivational speaker besides his professional comedy business. Alibaba is a goto comedian for the big boys and politicians who have enough money to splash on him. Alibaba charges around N4 Million to N5 Million per event with his per annum earnings running up to N400 Million. He charges an average rate of 4-4.5 million Naira per event.

2. Basket Mouth

Born Bright Okpocha better known as Basket Mouth, is a Nigerian comedian who has been able to achieve a lot through his comedy career. Basket Mouth is not just one of the richest Nigerian comedian, he is also one of the funniest, hottest and stylish comedian Nigeria has ever known. He is that comedian that entertain his audience effortlessly and makes them happy in an unserious way. Bright Okpocha is one of the most industrious Nigerian comedians who is said to be sponsoring his little brother who schools in the United States of America. He has also become the Brand Ambassador for companies like Globacom Ltd. and Amstel Malta.

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He has traveled far and wide where he hosted events including London, America and South Africa which he always sold out and through his Basketmouth Uncensored platform . Some part of his income comes from his aforementioned endorsement deals with top Nigerian brands. He is the number one choice of most passionate lovers of comedy both in Nigeria and outside the country. After calculating his income we are very bold to say that Basket Mouth is the second richest Nigerian comedian 2017 with an annual estimate of N120 million, while his yearly earnings is estimated at N192 million and his total net worth is valued at N2 billion.

3. I Go Dye

Born Francis Agoda but widely known by his stage name I go dye or I go dye. I Go Dye is not only one of the richest comedians in Nigeria 2017, but also one of the comedians with the funniest names in the entertainment scene . I Go Dye gained recognition during the time of Apa Williams Night of a Thousand Laugh , a platform where most now popular comedians projected their career . Aside comedy business, he is also involved in other business that brings him money too. I Go Dye is the CEO of Revamp Construction Company, a real estate and road Construction Company. The funny comedians is also an Ambassador to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal.

His annual income is estimated to be between 350-500 million Naira and his net worth is valued at over 2 billion Naira. He is one of those few Nigerian comedy prodigy who created a niche for others to follow and he has been able to amass wealth and properties including the mansion he recently completed in his mother’s name which is situated in Benin City.

4. Julius Agwu

HMMMM! His real name and stage is Julius Agwu, he is another talented and hilarious merchant in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Julius Agwu is one of the oldest comedian in Nigeria today in the category of Alibaba but some circumstances has made him fall backward in his career. He was a writer and comedians but decided to focus more on comedy because his books wasn’t making enough sales. According to the comedy expert, he said he has mentored a lot of successful Nigerian comedians that we see today including Basket Mouth . He also expressed disappointment in them that they don’t regard him for giving them the avenue to showcase their talent to the world.

Julius Agwu is well known for two popular comedy shows which are Laugh for Christ Sake and Crack Your Ribs. Julius Agwu buttresses his presence on the entertainment scene as the CEO of Real Laff Entertainment and besides this , he has several expensive assets in several Nigerian States. Julius Agwu charges around N2 – N3 million to come spice up your event. He actual net worth stands at 1.5 billion Naira, and made over 20 million Naira from a book launch.

5. AY

Ayodeji Richard Makun better known by his stage name AY, is a one of the big guns in the Nigerian entertainment scene. He is one of the most influential and respected Nigerian comedian today who rose to fame at a rate faster than was expected. He is the fifth richest Nigerian comedian who is well known for his popular comedy show, A.Y. live which he normally organise in Nigeria and outside the country. AY charges a performance fee between 1 and2 million Naira per event and makes 160 million annually via his A.Y. live events . AY is the comedian of the moment who have helped other comedians to carve out great paths for themselves. He bags a total of N280 million and for every comedy show he hosts. He is the owner of an MVP club and a company that organizes events.

6. Gbenga Adeyinka

He is one of the biggest Nigerian comedian today who is highly remarkable for having hosted comedy shows for reputable personalities including Nigerian politicians. He always busy going from one show to another and classified as a prominent figures in the entertainment industry. He is the organiser behind the popular comedy shows Laffmattaz . On a yearly basis, Laffmattaz records approximately 5,000 attendants . Aside comedy, he is also involved in business activities and owns many assets .

7. Okey Bakassi

Born Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule but popularly known as Okey Bakassi, is a Nigerian actor and comedian who started his entertainment career many years ago when comedy business wasn’t paying off. He is one of the richest Nigerian comedian who has organized comedy shows for several politicians . Apart from involving in comedy and acting, he is the Imo State’s Senior Special Assistant on entertainment. He is steadily involved in anchoring upscale events.

8. Tee-A

His real name that was given to him by his parents is BabaTunde Adewale but he is popularly known by his stage name Tee-A, he is the owner of a popular company that hosts events for dignitaries. He is also a gifted wedding MC who has anchor several events both in Nigeria and beyond. His is a successful businessman and a respected comedian . You pay him a whooping sum to have him anchor your event and he is regularly seen in big events.

9. Bovi

Abovi Ugboma better known by his stage name Bovi, is one of the hottest Nigerian comedian who has achieved a lot in his career. He has earned a lot of money from hosting regular shows, concerts and tour adverts . He is currently married with kids and tagged as one of the funniest Nigerian comedian today.

10. Yaw

Yaw is another popular comedian who is associated with a number of shows from which he earns income. He earns from his radio presentation, MTN adverts, event anchoring, equipment leasing and so many other businesses. His income comes from different angles contributing to his total net worth. He owns properties in all corners of Nigerian states making him one of the richest Nigerian comedian 2017.



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