Regina Daniels Contact Phone Number , Email Address & Boyfriend

Regina Daniels Contact Phone Number , Email Address & Boyfriend —The truth is that lots of questions has been frequently asked about child actress Regina Daniels who is fast becoming an adult . Some of the frequently asked questions are “Regina Daniel’s phone number, Regina Daniel’s boyfriend, Regina Daniel’s net worth, Regina Daniel’s car, Regina Daniel’s movies, Regina Daniel’s Instagram, Regina Daniel’s wedding, Regina Daniel’s age, Regina Daniels father name, Regina Daniel’s siblings” but for the sake of this article we are going to be placing more emphasis on Regina Daniel’s phone number.

Finding yourself on this page right now means two things 1. Because you search of Nollywood actress Regina Daniel’s phone number 2. You landed here via the “direct url” of this page. Be it as it may be , the paramount is that you find what you are searching for so that you can at least have this website bookmarked on your browser to help you find your way back to this page again when need be.

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If you are searching for Nollywood child actress Regina Daniel’s phone number i will tell you what exactly you need to do . Obviously , Regina Daniel’s is a fast growing Nollywood actress and a “teenager” most in quote , because of this reason her contact details like phone number hasn’t been made available to the public . However, there are another thing that can be done .

There is another way of getting across to Regina Daniel, simply visit her official Instagram profile @ regina.daniels, you will see the contact information of her spokesperson on the top. “As at today, Sunday the 9th of April 2017, the contact information of her PR person is”. We are very sure that if you write that email , you will get a reply.

You can as well follow Reginal Daniels on Instagram and if you are lucky she will follow you back then you can be able to send her a direct message.

Regina Daniel’s Instagram 

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Regina Daniel’s Email Address :

Regina Daniels Boyfriend 2017

As for Regina Daniel’s boyfriend, the reigning Nollywood child actress who recently turned 17yrs is rumored to be in serious relationship with somadina. On the 13th of May 2017, 17yrs old Nollywood star, Regina Daniels took to share this bedroom photo with her rumored boyfriend somadina and she was seriously bashed by her followers. Her fans expressed displeasure over it because they are of the opinion that she is too young for that gesture.

There you have it, Regina Daniels Phone Number: Contact Telephone No Of Nigerian Actress

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