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Pictures : The Most Expensive House in Nigeria 2018/2019 and Its Owner

The Most Expensive House in Nigeria 2018/2019 and Its Owner

Nigeria as one of the richest country in Africa is widely known for fancy buildings with unusual architecture which are eye catching and attractive . Some of these mansions are so beautiful and strategically constructed that it even serves as tourist attraction. The truth is that the people behind the construction of these elaborated houses are white people of foreign countries. If you have traveled across many states in Nigerian then you will discover that such fancy buildings are in the largest cities of Nigeria, such as Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, the capital, and some other rich cities of the country.

Talking about Lagos, then we will be looking at Lekki and Banana Island where many politicians and artists live, such as Davido, Oritse Femi, even queen blogger, Linda Ikeji and many more. These places i have mentioned are big resort island where it is possible to notice different expensive real estates that was constructed with money amounting to billions of naira. Take an example, Linda Ikeji bought her Banana Island with a whooping sum of 600 Million naira just few count from one billions.

Pictures and Details : The Most Expensive House in Nigeria

There is no doubt , there are many expensive houses in the country and as we already understood that they are owned by Nigerian politicians and entertainers the musicians and comedians most especially, but one particular house has been attracting attention for a long time . This house in question is rumored to be the most expensive house in Nigeria. The most expensive buildings in Nigeria are well built in strategic locations. They beautiful look will leave you impressed and jaw dropped until you forget you self totally. The construction of most expensive/beautiful houses in Nigeria are completed withing few month but it all depends on how fast the owner want’s it to be. According to the information we gathered , the construction of the most expensive house in Nigeria today took at least 4 years. Reports states that the cost of the house is about $10 million.

The building is well constructed , it has a wide covered swimming pools, elevators on the fourth floor and a garage with a surprising design and expensive cars in it. But if the cost of this house is $10 million then it is very possible that it is not the most expensive house in Nigeria, but it is safe to call it one of the most expensive, most sophisticated, and most beautiful mansion in the country. We also gathered that the house is being maintained by five housekeepers, among who is a Philippine woman.

Round windows are almost like windows in the ship. The pipe, which is responsible for replenishment of water in the pool sticks out of it. Garages are fenced with durable glasses. Garages are fenced with durable glasses. Through them, luxurious cars are seen. On the floor of the house, there are TVs built-in. This is very unusual and creative decision. As the TV is covered with a durable glass, it is possible not to be afraid that someone will damage its surface or break a screen. From first to the fourth floor, there passes the pipe with a transparent glass surface. Wow! this is the height of construction and this kind of building is not much in the country. It is one of a kind .

According to a reliable source, The house was completed in late 2013 and it is still relevant in 2017. Something just crossed my mind and i don’t known if you are thinking what i am thinking here. OK! fine no problem, if this is the most expensive house in Nigeria then my big question is what about the houses of other Nigerian billionaires like Aliko Dangote,Folorunsho Akakija, Dr Adeleke, Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola and the rest of them. Has any real estate expert valued their house? Sorry that i am being controversial here but i am trying to be up-front as possible .

My conclusion is , as far as all this facts hasn’t been ascertained, this building should be regarded as one of the most expensive houses in Nigeria, we can’t boldness call it ‘The Most Expensive House In Nigeria 2017 and 2016.

Who owns the most expensive house in Nigeria?

The expensive house in Nigeria 2017 belongs to a man named Okwudili Umenyiora, is obviously a product of rare architectural expertise and creativity. The house is located at Lekki Phase One (Oniru New Market), Lagos .The owner of the house, Okwudili Umenyiora (aka Mr Dilly) is the CEO of Dilly Motors.

Pictures of The Most Expensive House in Nigeria From Different View

Outside view of the house

One of the sides of the house

One of the sitting rooms in the house

Exterior swimming pool

Exterior garage

What do you think about this house, is it worth to be called the most expensive house in Nigeria? let’s know what’s on your mind .

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