Oge Okoye Biography – Profile, Net Worth, Age, Movies And Latest News

NET WORTH : Estimated at N190 Million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born November 16, 1980 [ 37 years old]
STATE OF ORIGIN : Anambra State
OCCUPATION: Nigerian actress
MARITAL STATUS: Divorced [ex husband is Stanley Duru]
PARENTS : Late Mazi Okoye and Lolo Okoye
EDUCATION : Oge Okoye graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

Oge Okoye is one of the most respected and highly sought after Nigerian actress who has been in Nollywood background for many years. Oge Okoye is a talented and versatile Nollywood actress ,one of the few actresses that loves to keep their private life away from the eyes of the public but generally said to be controversial. She has featured in many successful movies as well as winning for herself many awards and countless nominations to her name.

Early Life And Background

Oge Okoye was born on the 16th November 1980 in London to the Late Mazi Okoye and Lolo Okoye is a native of Nnewi in Anambra State, both devout Anglicans. After spending many years in London, she travelled down to Nigeria where she lived in Lagos with her family. Oge embarked on primary education in London before her parents relocated to Nigeria where she completed her primary education in Enugu- South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Getting to Nigeria, she was enrolled into Holy Rosary College, Enugu and later graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka with a degree in Theatre Arts.

While she was in school, she participated in a number of theatrical activities, which got quite a number of people, including her teachers, convinced that she was created to shine in the entertainment industry. She officially made up her mind to launch her acting career during her first year in the University at Akwa that the inspiration to become a ‘big time actress’ heightened.

The prolific screen goddess is most known for her diabolic roles in Nollywood flicks, and she kicked started her professional acting since the year 2001. She tied the knot with her heart-rob in 2005 , the union produced 2 children before they separated after some years. Although , her passion from day one was to become a professional actress and she decided to try her hand on her long awaited career.


“I started acting when I was in the university precisely in my first year in school. That was when I did the job ‘One Dollar’ after which I did ‘Spanner’ and then ‘Sister Mary’. But indulged in little dramas back in those days. So when I grew up and found myself studying theatre arts, I decided to just start acting. I was opportuned to find a platform as soon as I made my intention known to a few people who knew that my passion for acting was boundless”.

“Acting was really something a wanted to do by all means but i didn’t know how to get that career rolling. I had friends who told me that I had to go for audition and all that and I went for one and I was lucky to have been given a role. It was a sub lead. After the shoot, I was encouraged by the comments from the director and the producer who predicted that I would go far once I put my mind to it and work hard. After that movie, I started receiving offers. I am sure I handled my role in my debut performance well, because if I didn’t do it very well, I don’t think anyone would have called me up for another job.”

“My daddy wanted me to become a medical doctor . He had prepared her mind towards becoming a surgeon so she could save lives. “My dad is the strict type. You can’t mess around with him. He really had a set opinion about acting because of the negative image actors portrayed then. It’s really sad that he is not here to see the height I have attained so far. He died as soon as I started acting full time but he knew that my dream was to act”.

“My mummy, who currently resides in Spain, on the other hand , also knew that I wanted to be an actress. She had no objection whatsoever. And really, my mum has always been with me. She has always been on my side to push me to any level I want to get to. I am like the only child of my parents, so all the pampering has been there. I mean she is not surprised at all about what I am doing. She has heard and read of my exploits and she is happy with me.”

Acting Career

Oge Okoye started her professional acting in the year 2001. Her debut movie role was in the commercially successful comedy “One Dollar” where she acted along side other popular names in Nollywood the likes of Patience Ozokwo and Victor Osuagwu. She played a supportive role in the movie not a lead role but as God would have it, she was able to drew attention to herself with her smooth interpretation and showed a lot of promise. After starring in “One Dollar”, movie producers started calling her for other roles  and today, she has appeared in not less than one hundred (100) Nollywood movies.

Today, Oge Okoye is widely regarded as one of the best versatile Nollywood actresses, she can play a wide range of roles — she has different roles in movies , she has played reverend sister as well as desperate prostitute — She has also played the role of classy executive and upwardly mobile lady and a wretched poor widow just name them. Oge Okoye is one of those few Nigerian celebrities who is hardly on the news but each time she is being talked about, it is always very unpleasant. She has been in the news for several reasons, one of them was when she had a lavish birthday party. In August 7th 2011, Oge Okoye celebrated the birthday of her daughter who happens to be her first born, the event was attended by top Nollywood celebrities and show biz personalities.

Relationship – Husband, Children And Divorce

Oge Okoye also known as Miss slim fit got married to Stanley Duru in 2005 and they have two kids together but the marriage ended in 2012 due to infidelity issues. Her ex husband re-married in 2014 and guess who he married? it is Nkiru Sylvanus, a popular Nollywood actress and the story was reported by one of the most respected and trusted online information source, dailypost.ng .

Latest News

According to our flawless source, Oge has found another man , Oge Okoye’s new man we learnt is a very tall and athletic built successful business man who hails from the Eastern part of country. She has been involved in bitter feud with some other top Nollywood actresses such as Ini Edo . She was recently attacked on social media for claiming ownership of two beautiful dogs that isn’t hers. This situation was used as a meme by internet trolls for many weeks before it subsided.


  • Trinity (2005)
  • Trouble Maker (2005)
  • Arsenal (2004)
  • Beautiful Faces (2004)
  • I Believe in You (2004)
  • Indecent Girl (2004) …. O’rel
  • I Want Your Wife (2004)
  • Little Angel (2004)
  • My Desire (2004)
  • Separate Lives (2004)
  • Spanner 3 (2004)
  • Blackbery Babes (2010)
  • War Game (2006)
  • The Snake Girl (2006)
  • Too Late (2005)
  • Beyond Passion (2005)
  • Black Bra (2005)
  • Crazy Passion (2005)
  • The Girl Is Mine (2005)
  • It’s Juliet or No One (2005)
  • The King’s Son (2005)
  • Marry Me (2005)
  • Orange Groove (2005)
  • Paradise to Hell (2005)
  • Shock (2005)
  • To Love and Live Again (2005)
  • Spanner Goes to Jail (2004)
  • Blood Sister (2003)
  • Forever Yours (2003)
  • Desperate Love (2005)
  • Eagle’s Bride (2005)
    Emotional Battle (2005)
  • Every Single Day (2005)
  • Face of Africa (2005) …. Ukheria
  • Friends & Lovers (2005)
  • Handsome (2003)
  • Magic Love (2003)
  • My Command (2003)
  • Sister Mary (2003)
  • Spanner (2002)

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