Nokuthula Mabika Biography – Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend & Instagram

FULL NAME : Nokuthula Nocxy Mabika
STAGE NAME : Nokuthula Mabika
NET WORTH : She is worth a lot of dollars
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born on July 28, 1988
PLACE OF BIRTH: South Africa
OCCUPATION : Actress, presenter, MC, dancer and writer
NATIONALITY : South African
EDUCATION : She attended University of Zululand
INSTAGRAM HANDLE : @nocxymabika

The celebrity biography for today shall be focusing on South Africa lady named Nokuthula Mabika , we are going to be officially introducing the curvy South Africa celebrity to the world via this article and it talks about everything about the thobile actress. Undoubtedly, many people know this South African screen diva but there are several persons who know little or nothing about her, we are creating this biography for their sake.

Nokuthula Mabika biography shall be places more emphasis on her background, career, Husband’s name, Real Name, nick name, new Instagram Pictures /Images, her real date of birth Instagram and twitter handles and what have you. Continue reading to get yourself acquainted to facts you didn’t know about the gorgeous South African celebrity.

Early Life And Background

Nokuthula Mabika is a South African actress, presenter, MC, dancer and writer. She was born on July 28, 1988 in South Africa to alcoholic father. She is one of those South Africa celebrities who lost their parents when they were very young, her mother passed when she was 12 years old and her father is a drifter who wonders in and out of her life. Nokuthula Nocxy Mabika was adopted and raised by her aunt and uncle, who provided for her a loving and supportive home life.

She went thru a lot during her childhood days because her parents wasn’t there to take care of her, despite the fact that her father was alive but he wasn’t capable of looking after and caring for her as a father ought to. Today, she see her life as a blessing due to the fact that she never believed she could make it looking back to the hardship she faced during her early days. She still holds no resentments or bitterness as a result of her childhood experiences.


Nokuthula Mabika has a BA degree in arts and culture (drama specialization). She also obtained a degree in DRAMA,MUSIC and MOVEMENT TECHNIQUES from University of Zululand. She is one of the most successful South African celebrities who is well known for her luxurious lifestyle.


Nokuthula Mabika is an iron lady who fears nothing and lives for the moment. She has starred in numerous SA films, she recently played a “support” role on South African television “SABC1” (the biggest Chanel in RSA) on a show titled “UZALO” in 2015 . She cited named like Hugh Masikela, Kelly Khumalo, Pavarotti, Ariana Grande , Jonas Gwanga and Beyonce as her key influencers.

In a recent chat, she revealed her intention and plans on building a fashion and beauty empire. Before fame, she once worked at Nkule’s hair salon doing nails.

Mabika is widely known for always using big words (though often in the wrong context). She is an active Facebook and Instagram user and she posts not less than 20 photos on her Facebook page every day and hashtags everything.

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