Nigerian Governors Salary Scale & Allowance : How Much Nigerian Governors Earn

Nigerian Governors Salary Scale & Allowance : How Much Nigerian Governors Earn — The main reason why Nigerian politicians fight tooth and nail with unrelenting efforts to stay on the gravy train is simply because of the overwhelming salary they earn monthly. It is no longer news that Nigerian Politicians are the highest paid in the world today and the governors also have their fair share on this. This is why we are obliging you with the Nigerian Governors Salary scale and allowances so that you can finally have a clear insight of how much Nigerian Governors earn monthly or yearly.

Nigerian Governors are well known for their opulence lifestyle and this has gone a long way to affect their states negatively . The truth is that Nigerian governors Monthly salary is just about N1 million but obviously their lifestyle is far above their earning . I recently came across an article online that says ” the salary of current Nigerian Governors have been reduced as opposed to what past Nigerian Governors earned”. I don’t think this is true and it is very far from the truth. The portal further said that Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is N2.22 million, their deputies earn N2.11 million while their Commissioners earn N1.33 million per month.

It is worthy of note that the newly approved approved Remuneration Package for Political, Public, and Judicial Office Holders determines how much governors of the states receive as annual pay. It was gathered that the aforementioned remuneration package was singlehandedly prepared by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) and it officially came into effect from 1st of July, 2009. If we go by the stated Nigerian Governor’s salary scale, then a state governor in the country Nigeria is entitled to receive a total of N11,540,896 per annum.

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Meanwhile, the annual basic salary out of this amount is just N2,223,705. The annual leave allowance is N222,370.50. That is not all, don’t also forget that the governor is also entitlement to 400% of his annual salary as a loan for vehicles and maintenance. The total summation of this figures will amount to N8,894,820.00.

It is no longer news that Nigerian counsellors and senators go about the places with long convoys more than six vehicles,  then what do you expect from the Governors who have bigger cash at their disposal. Nigerian Governors always go to place with a very long convoy that include expensive cars SUVs , Prado and a host of other luxury automobiles.

Judging from these lifestyle of Nigerian Governors, it is now very clear that they are actually spending more than the approved N8.9 million on vehicles since costing those cars are far more higher than the approved amount.

They are being taken care of by the state government including their accommodation and furniture for these houses is being taken care of by the state government. Mind you, the amount manifested above is contained in the RMAFC package but it doesn’t state out clear the limit to the amount of estacode these governors can receive. There is one information that is clearly stated in the RMAFC ” It states that the estacode and Duty Tour Allowance would be made available to the governor each time they requests for it”.

When it comes to the salary of the deputy governor on the other hand , they are entitled to earn a total of N10, 772,296 annually. While the annual basic salary of the deputy governor is N2,112,215 and also receives N8,448,860 as his vehicle loan while his annual leave is a total of N211,221.50.

Just like in the case of the Executive governor of a state, the state government also takes care of the accommodation expenses of a deputy governor in any Nigerian state.

What do you think about this salary scale of Nigerian governors and Deputy , is it outrageous or fair looking at the current economic situation in the country? Let’s hear your opinion on this matter.

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