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Nigerian Army Salary Structure | Nigerian Soldier Salary Scale

Nigerian Army Salary Structure | How Much a Nigerian Soldier Is Paid (Monthly And Annual)

Without being told, the The Nigerian army is the riskiest force in the country and they are also the most hardworking today . For their bravery and relentless efforts in protecting the country against external forces, they deserve enviable pay. Most people believe that Nigerian Army are being paid heavily after reading this article i think you will might have a change of mind.

From observations, you will agree with me that these brave soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect their country go home with peanuts compare to the risk they face every moment in their career. See complete list of Nigerian Army Salary scale , you will be amazed by how much Nigerian Army Generals receive.

Yes! it is a known fact that Nigerian army is the largest of the components of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Their major responsibility is to protect and secure land warfare operations. It is a special body that is controlled and organized by the Nigerian Army Council. According to reliable reports, the Nigerian army is among the most equipped of all the land forces in Africa in present days and rubbing shoulders with the largest army in the world. The Nigerian army has been highly praised in recent times for their bravery in fighting and almost defeating the dreaded Boko-Haram insurgency which has been a major challenge in the country.

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A lot of person has asked some questions like “How much is the salary of soldiers fighting Boko Haram”? we were able to get some legit information on that. According a report which i will say not too reliable, it states that Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram earn N60K as monthly pay. According to a new report, it reveals that the correct figure as N49,000 equivalent to $249 monthly or £157 monthly while daily feeding allowance is N500. Just like the Nigerian Navy is responsible for protecting the water boundaries of the nation, Nigerian Army is responsible for land warfare operations.

You might use a brief history of the Nigerian Army. Nigerian Army was founded in 1900 and it was formally known as “Royal West African Frontier Force” and was prior to independence. Officers were dully trained by the British which saw them participate in the Second World War in support of Great Britain as part of the 1st (West Africa) Infantry Brigade, the 81st and 82nd (West Africa) Division. They were also involved in combat at the East African crisis in those days. During the time of independence , the number of indigenous men and officers in the Nigerian army was totaling 18,000 and they were being paid in shillings. In mid 1970 the number rose significantly to 126,000 and there was an upgrade as the salaries of these military men were now paid in pounds.

Finding yourself on this page means one thing, it signify you are searching for information on how much the officers of the Nigerian army are being paid, we are delighted to inform you that you have landed on the right page . You have come to the right source of information and it is created here for you free of charge, all you need to do is share this post and you are good to go.

The Nigerian Army: Monthly Salary Scale For Non-Commissioned Officers

1. Private

  • Monthly Salary – N49,000
  • Annual Salary – N588,000

2. Lance Corporal

  • Monthly Salary – N55,000
  • Annual Salary – N660, 000

3. Corporal

  • Monthly Salary – N58,000
  • Annual Salary – N696,000

4. Sergeant

  • Monthly Salary – N63,000
  • Annual Salary – N756,000

5. Staff Sergeant

  • Monthly Salary – N68,000
  • Annual Salary – N816,000

6. Warrant Officer

  • Monthly Salary – N80,000
  • Annual Salary – N960,000

7. Master Warrant Officer

  • Monthly Salary – N90,000
  • Annual Salary – N1,080,000

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

8. Second Lieutenant

  • Monthly Salary – N120,000
  • Annual Salary – N1,440,000

9. Lieutenant

  • Monthly Salary -N180,000
  • Annual Salary – N2,160,000

10. Army Captain

  • Monthly Salary -N220,000
  • Annual Salary – N2,640,000

11. Major

  • Monthly Salary -N300,000
  • Annual Salary – N3,600,000

12. Lt. Colonel

  • Monthly Salary -N350,000
  • Annual Salary – N4,200,000

13. Colonel

  • Monthly Salary – N550,000
  • Annual Salary – N6,600,000

14. Brigadier General

  • Monthly Salary – N750,000
  • Annual Salary – N9,000,000

15. Major General

  • Monthly Salary – N950,000
  • Annual Salary – N11,400,000

16. Lt. General

  • Monthly Salary – N1 million
  • Annual Salary – N12,000,000

17. General

  • Monthly Salary – N1.5 million
  • Annual Salary – N18,000,000

Please Note: The commissioned officers are those core officers that passed through the Nigerian Defence Academy and graduated successfully to become officers. Please don’t get it twisted and if you have any question kindly use the comment box.

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