Monalisa Chinda Biography – Net Worth, Age And Daughter

REAL NAME: Monalisa Chinda
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born 13 September 1974
NET WORTH : Monalisa Chinda’s net worth is estimated at N310 Million
OCCUPATION: Nigerian Actress, Film Producer.
HOW OLD IS MONALISA CHINDA: She is currently 43 years old
STATE OF ORIGIN : Rivers State
CHILDREN : She had one child from a previous marriage to Dejo Richards . Tamar-Lily.

Monalisa Chinda is a veteran Nigerian actress, film producer, television personality and media personality who has been in the Nollywood background for several years . She is one of the most active a respected Nollywood actress , the beautiful screen diva is also one of the most sought after and bankable actress in Nigeria. Monalisa Chinda is multi award wining movie personality and a great Philanthropist.

Early Life And Background

Monalisa Chinda was born on 13 September 1974 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to an Ikwerre father and an Igbo mother. She happens to be the first born in her family of two sons and four daughters. She completed her elementary education at Army Children’s School GRA and then Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ School, Elelenwo, for Secondary. Both schools are located in her home town Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Following the completion of her basic education, she gained admission into the prestigious University of Port Harcourt where she bagged a degree in Theatre Arts . She was given her first movie role in 1996 in a firm titled “Pregnant Virgin”, she subsequently starred in “Above The Law” after she graduated in 2000 followed by other major roles . She had since appeared in several Nigerian firms.

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She was able to conquer in her chosen career in so short a time of her incursion into full time acting, she is widely considered as one of the most gift Nigerian actress and one of the most successful in the field. Chinda is also considered as one of the most beautiful screen goddess in Nollywood today and most people are of the opinion that she is an half cast but she has debunked it.

In an interview she revealed that her father was murdered, she explained

“Every day that passes by, I think of that man. God bless his soul. He was the reason, I’m doing what I am doing at the moment. My late dad was a philanthropist. He would give out the last money in his pocket to those who do not have. I took after my Dad, whereas my mum was a career woman.
My dad ensured that his children were well taken care of, in all ramifications. He was a good cook and he spent greater part of his life in Germany. As far as I’m concerned, my dad was a German. He was always in the forefront of ensuring that his children were well catered for. But my mum was a career woman before she retired.”

Career Beginning And Rise To Fame

Mona, as she is called for short, has starred in television soap ‘Heavens Gate’ and movies like ‘Golden Moon’, ‘Spirit of Love’, ‘Total Control’, ‘City of Angels’, ‘The Devil in Her’, ‘Salt and Pepper’, ‘Broken Pieces’, ‘Games Men Play’ and countless other movie productions. She was given her first major movie in a movie titled “Pregnant Virgin” in 1996 and subsequently, after she graduated in 2000, she did “Above the Law” and she also starred in many other blockbusters movie. She is highly placed above her counterparts due to her interpretation of roles and the ease with which she bumps into roles.

She is widely hailed for her undying beauty and she ruled the game for a very l time before she took a break from acting. When she was over performing as an actress, she used to appear in about two of every five English speaking movies that were being released and believed to be principled, humble and reserved by those who know her very well. Monalisa is that Nigerian actress that possess an impressive , dazzling acting talent that any good producer is looking for in an actress. She acts with boundless enthusiasm as if it is real .

Chinda visited Turner Studios Atlanta in 2012, she is proliferated TV programming with the hit glamour soap series, “Catwalq”, which she co-produced with Emem Isong and Royal Arts Academy Productions. She engaged herself in several projects in year 2012 as she was also behind cameras. She later released some blockbuster movies like “Weekend Getaway” which she produced alongside Emem Isong and Ini Edo. She loves live stage and she has featured in: “Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again” by Ola Rotimi, “Ovarumwen Nogbaisi” A Benin Historical Drama, by Ola Rotimi, “Death And The King’s Horsemen” by Wole Soyinka, “IF” by Ola Rotimi, “The Gods Are Not To Blame” by Ola Rotimi, “The Fight To Stop Female Circumcision” by the late Amatu Braid and many more. She rose to recognition in 2007 when she started featuring on television soap “Heaven’s Gate.”

Her prowess in acting was initially acknowledge when she was made an Ambassador for Globacom, the telecommunications giant. She was later crowned the Face of Port Harcourt – Carnival Queen, in her hometown Rivers State. She was named the Face of Vita500, a new energy drink from South Korea that established in Nigeria and other West African countries. She was the Executive Producer in the Royal Arts Academy movie, ‘Kiss & Tell’, which Emem Isong co-produced with her and Desmond Elliott directed.

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In 2012, she became one of the first of four Nollywood actors to be featured on the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine . In November, 2014 she started branching out of acting a little bit and founded her Talk Show titled “You & I with Monalisa.” The ravishing Tv personality is involved in a lot of charity work. She has a column (Monalisa Code) in the Saturday edition of The Sun Newspapers where she writes on social issues and relationships.

Marriage And Divorce

Monalisa Chinda’s first marriage to Dejo Richards crashed on the ground that her husband was over relying on her income and was found of constantly beating her. They union produced a daughter who is currently 7-year-old named Tamar-Lily.

Speaking on her divorce;

What do you regret most about your past?

One thing I regret most is the fact that I am divorced. Where I come from, I’m the first daughter. I’m from a royal family, it has never been on record in my family that the first daughter will walk out of her matrimonial home. But it was a matter of life and death, otherwise, I would have stayed back and make my marriage work. I tried to make it work, but it takes two people to tango.

That’s the only thing I regret, having to raise my child without the father. It’s a bit painful. But I have to live with it. It’s better that way than to expose my little daughter to all sorts of domestic violence. It will definitely disorient her and affect her upbringing. She will be dis-functional. God knows the best. May be, I should have been more careful.

We learnt that you are planning to go into marriage again. Is it true?

I would love to remarry. In fact, I’m designed to be under a man. I’m not going to lie that I like this ‘single mother nomenclature. But whereby there is no one at the moment, one is bound to get used to the situation. It’s not a ‘do- or -die affair’ because I have been there before, anything I’m going to do now,it has to be done right. I’m not in the school of thought, where the first one happened and perhaps, the second one. No, any bold step I have to take in settling down again, it has to be right. I’m not ready to make another mistake. But I will definitely remarry. I believe in the principles of marriage. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a better option.

How soon are you planning to settle down?

I honestly don’t know about that, and I can’t tell for now. Have you found love again? It’s neither here nor there. I’m a lover and I love to love.

Have you found love again?

It’s neither here nor there. I’m a lover and I love to love. It was rumoured recently that you have found love again? Is there anything wrong with that? I just replied you that I love to love. What else do you want to know.

Most people think she is an half cast, here is what she said about that

I am not half cast, I am a full Nigerian. My Mum is Igbo and my Dad is from Ikwere. It pains me when people call me half cast. I was born and brought up in Nigeria.

Awards And Recognition

  • In 2011, Monalisa was crowned the Face of Port Harcourt – Carnival Queen, in her hometown of Rivers State.
  • 2010 she was nominated for a Best Actress in a drama series at the Terracotta TV and Film Awards
  • Best Actress, Afro Hollywood Award 2009 at the Monte Carlo Television Festival

Endorsement Deals

  • She Signed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with GLOBACOM. In 2013, the deal was renewed following it expiration. But we are not sure if she is still with the company right now.
  • She signed an endorsement deal as the face of Vita500 in the year 2011. The deal said to be worth 30million naira.


  • Anointed Liars
  • Breaking Heart
  • Without Goodbye
  • Above the Law (2000)
  • City of Angels
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Torn
  • Passionate Heart
  • Memories of the Heart
  • Games Men Play
  • Pregnant Virgin 1996)
  • Royal Grandmother (2007)
  • Sting 2 (2006)
  • Critical Truth (2008)
  • Nollywood Huslers
  • Gossip Nation
  • The Unthinkable (2014)
  • The Therapist (2015)
  • Evil Project
  • Itoro
  • Lagos Cougars
  • Spirit Love
  • Kiss and Tell (2011)
  • Keeping my Man (2013)
  • Passionate Heart
  • Okon Lagos

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