Maryam Yahaya Biography – Age, Net Worth, Movies & State Of Origin

FULL NAME : Maryama Yahaya.
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born May 1997
PLACE OF BIRTH: Goron Dutse, Kano
OCCUPATION : Kannywood actress

Who Is Maryam Yahaya – This is the biography and profile of Kannywood actress Maryam Yahaya, this biography shall be revealing every facts about one of the most celebrated Kannywood actress who break into the industry at a very young age. Continue persisting to known everything about the young beautiful actress.

Early Life And Background

Maryam Yahaya was born 1997 in Goron Dutse, Kano. The ravishing Kannywood actress is one of the most bankable in the sector and she rose to stardom after appearing in a 2016 movie titled Mansoor. She started having passion for acting career at her childhood days and her childhood dreams became a reality when she was given an opportunity to display her acting gift in the movie Didan Abinci .

Her acting ambition came into life during her childhood days, she was inspired and fascinated by most of the Kannywood movies she has seen and vowed to start a career in the industry when she comes of age. Today, Maryam Yahaya is the youngest Kannywood actress who has been able to achieve a lot from her acting career.

Maryam Yahaya had her primary school education in Yelwa, and then moved to Bokabo Barracks where she obtained a High School Certificate. Like many other Muslim girls from northern Nigeria, her parents are known to be very strict and disciplinarian , they are dedicated and conformist when it comes to moral upbringings, as a result of this young Yahaya was forced to behave in a conventional pattern despite the social pressure from her peer.


She is from a family that never put anything above their culture and tradition especially the religious side of it. When she told her parents about her decision to venture into acting they kicked against it because they believed that path would lead her into immorality. As a result of this, she wasn’t able to convince them to let her try a career in acting. She went ahead to start a career in Kannywood industry independently after getting a blessing from her parents.

She landed her debut movie role in the film titled Gidan Abinci, followed by Barauniya, and Tabo. She played minor roles in all the three movies mentioned above. She become a public figure after starring in the film Mansoor which later changed the game and inked her name among the finest actress in Kannywood.

On the 19th of December 2016, actress, Balkisu Shema, was supposed to play a lead role in a new project but she wasn’t able to make it to the movie location for some reasons and the man in charge – Ali Nuhu – decided replace her with Maryam Yahaya who had auditioned for the movie also, she got the lead role.


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