Majid Michel Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children And Movies

REAL NAME: Majid Michel
NET WORTH: Approximated $ 0.5 million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: (Born 22 September 1980)[ 37 years old]
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cantonments, a suburb of the Ghanaian capital Accra
OCCUPATION: Ghollywood actor
PARENTS: Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother
CHILDREN: Majid has three kids
FAMILY: 10 siblings 6 brothers and 4 sisters; Aro, Isaac (RIP) Reggie, Sputnic, Juliette, Michael, Shawki, Georgette, Roberta and Isabella.

Majid Michel who is nicknamed “Shaker” , is a Ghanaian actor. The Ghallywood actor was born 22 September 1980 in Cantonments, a suburb of the Ghanaian capital Accra. Majid has won several awards and also been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards seven consecutive times. He was crowned the winner of 2012 Africa Movie Academy Awards after being nominated seven times for the same award.

Majid Michel is widely referred to as the ” new king of the African movies” and we are going to share with you on this post a lot of history about the handsome Ghollywood actor that have never been told to many people. This post have in it everything you didn’t know about Majid Michel , his early life and background, growing up, education , rise to stardom, awards and controversies.

Early Life And Background

Majid Michel who is a prominent Ghanaian actor was born on 22 September 1980 in Cantonments, a suburb of the Ghanaian capital Accra. He was born into the family of a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother, he was raised by his biological parents in Accra with his 9 siblings. The movie star attended St. Theresa’s Primary School, and later, the Mfantsipim School, where Van Vicker and former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan also graduated. Michel suffered from dyslexia in his early life. “Dyslexia is a condition characterized by having difficulty with learning especially when an individual want to read fluently together with accurate comprehension even if the person has a normal intelligence”.

Michel had his first taste of acting in his secondary school days where he was actively involved in theater and was a member of the school’s Drama Club. He started bagging awards in his secondary school when he was honored with a “Actor Award” in one of their performances on Emancipation Day in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Michel’s dad as well as father-in-law was actor based in Accra. His acting career came into play as a result of his being around movie stars. He officially ventured into acting because his father was his role model and wanted to follow his footsteps. After completing his basic education, he got admission into University of Accra where he pursued acting and theater studies. He also won several awards while he was in the University because he participated in several school acting competitions. He decided to start his professional acting career because friends and relatives persuaded him to follow that path as he was gifted in that area. Majid Michel is a popular face in African movies and he has become one of the most sought after African actor , his fame as an actor made him nicknamed as the king of acting.


Majid Michel launched his professional acting career by auditioning for a modelling agency after he was introduced to the agency by his close neighbour . He was invited to join the modeling agency, Super Model Agency, on the behest of his next-door neighbour. Young Michel was later featured in television series “Things We Do for Love”, acquiring his nickname “Shaker” on the set. His role on Things We Do for Love was to be played by a Lebanese boy, and Michel attributes being given the role due to his Lebanese heritage. According to the actor, he disclosed that he was denied his first role in a movie he auditioned due to poor acting from him, describing his “passion for acting” as what made him to continue to press forward in the film industry. He revealed during a chat session with “Star FM Ghana” in 2017. His exceptional performance in the movie propelled him into the mainstream as the movie became very popular and recorded massive success.

The success of the television series Things We Do for Love earned him his debut role in the movie “Divine Love”, as the male lead, alongside Jackie Aygemang as the female lead, with Van Vicker in a supporting role. The movie was a huge success and it potentiated them to their fame when they didn’t expect. In the 2008, Michel was given a lead role in the movie “Agony of the Christ”, which received seven nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009. In October 2017, Majid was paid at least $15,000 for a role in a film, he also disclosed that he has earned as much as $35,000 to star in a film.

Nollywood Breakthrough

Majid Michel break into the Nigerian film industry (NOLLYWOOD) during the period in which Frank Rajah Arase signed a contract with Ghana’s Abdul Salam Mumuni of Venus Films. The contract was all about familiarizing and  introducing Ghanaian actors into the mainstream Nollywood film industry and making them have a star power comparable to Nigerian actors. Some major movie was produced during under the contract which featured Michel include:

  • Crime to Christ (2007),
  • Agony of Christ (2008),
  • Heart of Men (2009),
  • The Game (2010) and
  • Who Loves Me? (2010)

amongst others.

Michel appeared in his first Nollywood firm in the 2009 a movie titled “Emerald”, playing a leading role alongside Genevieve Nnaji. The movie was well received my movie critics and it was placed on the high as a result of Michel’s chemistry with Nnaji, though it received mixed reviews.

He became an household name in Nollywood after starring in the firm “Silent Scandals” in 2009, the movie brought Majid into prominence in Nigeria; the firm was highly commended for its high production values and Michel’s performance, along with his strong on-screen chemistry with Genevieve Nnaji . He is well known to feature in movies where there is love and women and the seduction, his intensity is concentrated in his eyes and he uses it well. He was also given another role the same year in the movie “Guilty Pleasures” and “Guilty Pleasures” which was well received as well. Michel continued to press on in his acting career until he he starred alongside Genevieve Nnaji once more in “Bursting Out”, a firm which received mixed feelings.

He is well known to be an outspoken man and he has revealed a lot about his career and his thought about Ghollywood and how he felt after meeting Nollywood diva Genevieve Nnaji.

According to the fine face actor, ” he stated that the first time he met Genevieve, “everything stood still”; he was so star struck that he offered to carry her bag and to be her personal assistant”. “He also revealed that Genevieve Nnaji is the best kisser in the film industry.” Michel also revealed in an interview that Genevieve taught him “how to act”, and also implied in another interview that Ghana has no film industry. In late 2010 , there was news everywhere that the actor is taking a break from Nigeria after receiving death threats supposedly from his Nigerian colleagues, who are jealous because he is outshining them in the business.

Majid Michel has been able to established himself as a star actor and has been featured in mainstream Nigerian films. Michel starred in the War film “Somewhere in Africa” in 2012, playing a tyrant role but wasn’t well received. His prowess in acting earned him “Africa Movie Academy Award” for the first time after being nominated three times. In 2014, he co-starred in the all-time blockbuster “30 Days in Atlanta” for which he got listed by Nigerian Cinema Exhibition Coalition as one of the highest box office grosser of 2014. He also starred in “Forgetting June” the same year which got a negative reviews. His subsequent firms are “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and “Being Mrs Elliot”, both recorded huge success as a result of his decent performance in the firms.

In 2016, Majid explained that despite playing mostly romantic roles in films, he has never has a sêxual relationship with an actress. In October 2017, Majid explained on a radio interview that due to his religious beliefs, he will no-longer accept to play character that requires him to kiss on set.

On October 6, 2016, news started making round that the Nollywood and Ghollywood actor  is now a minister of God (Pastor). Not only is he constantly sharing the word of God on his IG page, he now goes from church to church to minister. On October 4, the Ghanaian actor was seen ministering at a Church – Zoe Sanctuary where he performed deliverance.

Read His Interview With VAnguard;

People see you as a playboy in movies but in real life, are you a playboy?

In movies, yes, I am. I feel very proud when people describe me as a playboy. They watch my films and tag me as a playboy, meaning that whatever I’m doing, I did it believably enough for them to think I’m a playboy. I’m an actor for crying out loud, why would people watch me on screen and tag me a playboy. It’s a character I’m assuming.

Most roles you play in movies are very daring and sometimes, they tilt towards romance and all that, as if you are typecasted?

I don’t think I have been typecasted. If you really have watched my movies from the on set, you would probably realised that I have not been typecasted. The first movie I featured in “A Crime to Christ”, where I played a bad guy and my second movie titled “Agony of Christ”, I played Jesus Christ.
My third film was totally different from the first- two movies. I happened to play the role of a playboy. So, if you have been watching my movies, one after the other you would notice, they are totally different movies and different characters I play.

How do you describe yourself?

I am the last child of a family of ten children. I’m a very cool and loving guy. I like to have a lot of fun, watch movies till late hours of the night. All I do in my life is to read books and watch movies.

What your relationship with your female colleagues back in Ghana ?

Cordial, we are like one big family. We understand the whole act. It’s just usual and normal. After work, we usually hangout to unwind.

How did you arrest your wife emotionally?

She never arrested me, rather I was the one who arrested her.

What influences your style?

I have actors I look up to; like Anthony Robinson and many others are the strong people that influenced me a lot. If you have been watching my movies very properly, you would realise I have similarities with Alberto. I try as much as possible to adopt his style of acting. I also read a lot of books in method acting. END

Majid has appeared in over 50 African movies since the year 2010. This makes him among the youngest successful actors who have done well in this industry in the century. Michel is said to have an estate in Ghana named after him since he grew up in the estate while living in Accra. According to findings, his estate has become more popular not only to the people living in that location but to local tourists who often want to trace his origin . In October 10, 2013, a famous Ghanaian magazine known as “Ghana’s top movie stars in the year 2013” named Majid as the séxiest actor in entire Ghana. Reports states that the company sold over 5 million copies of the magazine in just one month.

Majid was recently number 56 in the top 100 African most famous celebrities in the African movies industry. This ranking made Michel more famous than many Nigerian actors and actresses who has been in the field for many years. We initially believed that Michel’s net worth is around $ 500,000 but according to a report by Accra daily Mail newspaper , his net worth was said to stand approximated at $ 0.5 million. Judging by this revelation, he is one of the richest and highest paid actor in Ghollywood and Nollywood.


  • Bursting Out
  • 4 Play
  • 4 Play Reloaded
  • A Sting in a Tale
  • Silent Scandals
  • Passion of the Soul
  • Chelsea
  • Agony of Christ
  • Somewhere in Africa
  • Shakira
  • The Game
  • Crime to Christ
  • Royal Battle
  • Divine Love
  • Gangster
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Her Excellency
  • Reason to Kill
  • Blood of Fire
  • Final Crisis
  • Captain
  • Under the Sky
  • Tears of a Womanhood
  • St. Michael
  • Shattered Mirror
  • Save the Prince
  • The Beast
  • Royal Madness
  • The Three Widows
  • Professional Lady
  • House of Gold
  • Nation Under Siege
  • Forgetting June
  • Matters Arising
  • Knocking on Heaven’s Door
  • Being Mrs Elliot
  • Amuma
  • The Department
  • The Mad Man I Love
  • Shattered Lives
  • 30 Days in Atlanta
  • Brother’s Keeper
  • Champagne
  • Road to Yesterday
  • Bishop Jerry

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