Latest Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria 2017

Nigeria is no doubt one of the biggest countries in Africa which is subdivided into segments called the states. Since Nigeria gained independence it has strived to survive on it own and it has really developed into something very big and better than it was many years ago. Continue reading article …

Nigeria is a developing country that is richly blessed with a great economy, natural and mineral resources such as oil, iron, gold,green plants (agriculture) e.t.c. This natural endowments has helped placed her in a position among the world’s top countries with a viable economy with several wealthy states that is currently doing very fine. Nigeria is divided into “36 states” and some of these states has pushed Nigeria to these heights and has turned revenue base for the country.

Statistics have revealed that Nigeria is the most populated African Nation on earth, its a country that it’s population keeps on increasing resulting from the high birth-rate but does not have the infrastructure to match that rapid growth. Sadly , unemployment is on the high side in Nigeria while some Nigerian states has carved a safe haven for itself and also industrialized itself, hence reducing the high level of poverty in some region of the country. It is easily seen and understand that wealth in Nigeria is not distributed equally among the state, some of the Nigerian states have the vast amount of resources and wealth at their disposal, while others are far behind when money is being mentioned and example of this is Zamfara state.

So many of us are curious to know the richest state in Nigeria today. We are going to be listing out the top 10 richest states in Nigeria 2018 accompanied with facts about them.

1 Lagos State

It is no longer news that Lagos State is the richest Nigerian state, it was the first state in Nigeria to taste civilization in time immemorial. Lagos State is the fastest growing cities in the world not just Nigeria this time, its located in the Southern western part of the country. It was the formal Capital City of Nigeria before it was moved down to Abuja. Lagos state produces much revenue for the nation and for itself and it is referred to as “America of our nation” by many people. Lagos state is the most populated state in Nigeria and gives equal opportunity for its inhabitants, both rich and poor , people from different part of the country travel there in search of greener pastures.

2. Rivers state

Rivers state is the second most populous state in Nigeria as it is not only known for its productivity but also for its fast growing economy which has placed it among the richest states. Rivers state is located in the south south region of Nigeria and it is one of the highest oil producing states in Nigeria . The Capital of Rivers State is Port Harcourt.

3. Delta State

The third richest and biggest city in Nigeria is Delta State known as The Big Heart. Delta State comprises of many ethnic groups ranging from Urhobos, Isoko to Ukwani. Delta State is also one of the oil producing states in Nigeria.This state is very rich oil production, the state has attracted million of investors into the country. The state GDP stands at $16.75 billion securing the third spot on this comprehensive list.

4. Oyo state

Oyo State is one of the richest Nigerian state located in the south western region of the country and it state capital is Ibadan. The state is sharing boundaries with Lagos, Ogun, Osun and Ilorin State. It known as the pace setter, also state synonimous with academic powers and is a center for commerce. According to research, Oyo state experienced a stellar rise in the her economic strength by 14% between 2008 and 2012. It secured this number with a GDP of $16.12 billion.

5. Imo state

The capital of Imo state is Oweri and it is a state that is very accommodating for business and industrialization thrive. Because of its business prospect , it has attracted foreign investors to the state. Imo state is situated in the South eastern region, it is best known for it liveliness, entertainment, pleasure and lots of expensive hotels and buildings. Imo state has contributed to the development of Nigeria’s economy and it GDP stands at $14.24 billion.

6. Kano State

At the sixth position we have Kano State as one of the richest Nigerian states . Kanu is located in the Northern region, it is said to be one of the largest states in Nigeria. Ninety percent of its citizens are Hausa, mostly Muslims. Several Nigerian are flooding to Kanu state because it is a city of commerce .

7. Edo State

“Ancient City” as it is mostly called, is one of the richest city in Nigeria and it is mostly recognised for its rich cultural heritage and norms with lots of ancient historical artifacts. With a low poverty rate of 19.2% out of 100%, it is the occupying the seventh position on this list. Edo state is This state is made up of four major ethnic groups; namely:

  • The Binis
  • Esan
  • Owan and Afemai.

8. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is another large state in Nigeria that has a lot of tribes ranging from Ebik, Ibibio to Oron. This state is strategically located in the southern southern part of Nigeria and is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria.

9. Ogun State

Ogun State is the next richest Nigerian state on the queue and it is part of the south western region of Nigeria. The common language there is Yoruba and they are very industrious in terms of business.

10. Kaduna State

The last richest state in Nigeria on this list is Kaduna State . It is also the center of commerce having many companies including NNPC refinery. Kaduna State is located in Northern part of Nigeria and has ‘Hausa’ to be one of its primary languages , people from other parts of Nigeria reside there for business purposes.

There are other Nigerian states that are also doing well in terms of money and development, but this is the top 10 richest. We are going to be looking at the poorest states in Nigeria in our subsequent article. Watch out for it!


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