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Kelvin Ikeduba Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, Education, Movies & Comedy Skits

BIRTH NAME : Kelvin Ngozi Ikedubah
STAGE NAME : Kelvin Ikeduba
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born on August 21st, 1976
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ebute-Metta (west) Lagos state
STATE OF ORIGIN : Delta state
OCCUPATION : Nigerian actor and comedian
EDUCATION : Studied Economist at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
INSTAGRAM : Kevin Ikeduba (@kevinikeduba)

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Where are those Kelvin Ikeduba’s fans? get in here asap because we are going to be introducing the Nollywood bad boy to you all . Continue reading Kelvin Ikeduba biography after the cut.

Who Is Kelvin Ikeduba ?

Kelvin Ikeduba is a Nigerian actor and Instagram comedian. He started his acting career many years ago and he recently diversified into short comedy skit lately. The big actor is widely known as the ‘Bad Boy’ in Nollywood and he is one of those few versatile actors who speaks Yoruba , Igbo and English fluently. He is mostly known in Yoruba and English movies.

Kelvin Ikeduba is considered as one of Nollywood’s most dynamic talents not only because of his ability to interpret roles like a real pro, but also because of his ability to act in both English and Yoruba films which only few actors in the industry are able to do.

Early Life And Background

The Nigerian Actor Kelvin Ikeduba was birthed on August 21st, 1976 as Kelvin Ngozi Ikedubah in Ebute-Metta Lagos state but he is originally from Delta state . He has spend almost his entire life in Lagos because he preferred to be seen as a Lagosian. The Nollywood rude boy is the first child in a family of four (2 boys and 2 girls) .

His perfect mastery of Igbo, Yoruba and English language gave him an edge over his counterparts and also made him one of the most versatile and most sought after Nollywood actor in Nigeria. He is a force to reckon with in the Nollywood circuit knowing fully well that he is equal to the task.

According to many that know him very well, they said he was raised in Ebute-Metta (west), Olokodana street and he is known as Ngozi in his neighborhood .

If you are one of those people looking out for him and follow him always, then you would know that Kelvin is one of the most versatile Nollywood merchant and he has always been in spot light for his creative and imaginative story .

Most people don’t even known his real name because he is called Ngozi , his interpretation was always punctuated with lots of dramatization – therefore, he can be named as one of the most interesting  actor in Nollywood.


The actor with a lot of muscles had his primary and secondary school education in Lagos state. After bagging his SSCE certificate, he proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria to study Economist and he successfully graduated before he launched his acting career professionally.

Acting Career

Kelvin Ikeduba officially launched his professionally acting career in year 2000, since then he has been able to remain relevant in the industry. Kelvin is known for the bodygaurd role he normally play in Nollywood movies and he has remained a force to be reckoned both in the Yoruba and English movies.

He has starred on more than 150 Nollywood movies and there is no sign he is halting his career soon. He is of the opinion that Nollywood is a stepping-stone and he keeps improving everyday. He has revealed that Hollywood is his ultimate dream and he is currently working on breaking into the number one movie industry in the world.

Comedy Skits

Kelvin Ikeduba recently ventured into comedy and he had since released several comedy skits which fans are enjoying. If you want to watch some these skits then kindly look it up on google. There is no doubt, he is on his way to becoming one of the best and highly sought after Instagram comedian.


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