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Jamie Bartlett Biography – Age, Net Worth, Awards, Education, Wife & Children

FULL NAME : Jamie Bartlett
NET WORTH : US $ 11 million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born in July 9, 1966 (age 51)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Maidenhead, United Kingdom
OCCUPATION : South African actor
NATIONALITY : South African
MARITAL STATUS/WIFE : Camilla Waldman (divorced)
CHILDREN : The couple had a son, Hector, before they later divorce

Jamie Bartlett biography and profile , it shall be revealing everything about the tough South African man. For those people that has been hearing the name Jamie Bartlett but know little or nothing about the huge man then this is your chance to know everything about him. All you have to do is continue reading as we uncover the lesser known facts about the handsome South African movie star.

Jamie Bartlett is a South African actor who became famous for the character David Genaro in Rhythm City and there is no doubt he is loved by everybody. Rhythm City is a popular Television show aired in many African countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cameroon and Ghana.

Early Life Background And Education

Jamie Bartlett was born in 1966 in Maidenhead, United Kingdom to a South African mother and a British father. He attended three high schools, Rondebosch High School in Cape Town, St Stithians Boys College in Johannesburg and Brynston High School. After completing his high school education he trained in speech and drama at University of Cape Town and post Graduate Master classes with Peter Bridgemont at Chrysalis Theater Acting School in London.

There is no doubt about, he is currently one of the most celebrated, skillful and bankable South African celebrity today who has contributed his own quarter in promoting and elevating of South African Movie Industry.


He is one of the most popular South African movie star and multi faceted South African actor currently starring in Rhythm City as David Genaro. He official landed the role of David Genaro since year 2007. According to Jamie Bartlett profile , he was the first person to speak in scene 1 on the popular TV series Isidingo as character Mike O’Riley when it was aired on South African television.

He starred along side several veteran in the industry, he acted opposite Hlomla Dandala who acted as Derek Nyathi in the movie Isidingo. He also acted in the action MNET in 1997, the movie was made for TV- The S3xy Girls . Jamie Bartlett was also a guest stars in the South African, Canadian TV series Jozi-H.

His movie career started officially 1987 in an American movies titled “American Ninja 2”, it was followed by “American Ninja 5” where he acted alongside Michael Dudikoff and Steve James in year 1993. He also feature in a 2004 British film drama Red Dust, where he played a supporting role of Dirk Hendricks, a local policeman, alongside Hilary Swank where Academy Award winning director Tom Hooper was behind the movie directing.

In 2007, Bartlett played a supportive role as Crawford a professional hunter and guide in a horror thriller titled “Prey” . The movie talks about an American family whilst on holiday in South Africa get lost while on a game reserve and are stalked by lions. Bartlett also acted in the 2010 children’s parable White Lion alongside South African Best Actor Tony Award Winner John Kani and Thabo Malema. The movie White Lion won three awards which include SAFTA Awards for Best Cinematography in a feature film, Best Music Composition in a feature film and Best Sound Design in a feature film.

Jamie Bartlett has been given some accolades for his theatre work which took place at the Market Theatre where he had strong ties during the Apartheid era. The The theatre was set up in the year 1976 by two famous men, Mannie Manim and the late Barney Simon.

In those day, it was widely called South Africa’s “Theatre of the Struggle” internationally. Bartlett was directed by Neil McCarthy in a movie titled Mojo released  in 1997 and Market Theatre where he won the Vita Best Actor Award. After many years, he made a come back to the Market Theater for Death of a Colonialist in 2011 playing a lead role of an eccentric 60-something history teacher, Harold Smith from award winning playwright Greg Latter’s play.

He is one of the most industrious South African actors, he has appeared in several popular movies , Theatre and Television shows. He also won several top awards which many South African movie stars are yet to win.

 Jamie Bartlett Awards

  1. The Crystal Award for Best Actor “Isidingo”
  2. Vita Award for Best Lead Actor “The Great Outdoors”
  3. Avanti Television Award for Best Actor “Isidingo”
  4. Vita Award for Best Actor “Mojo”
  5. Fleur Du Cap Theatre Award for Best Actor “East”
  6. Vita Theatre Award for Best Up & Coming Actor “Cock & Bull Story”
  7. South African Film & Television Award for Best Actor “Rhythm City”

Jamie Bartlett Television

  • In 1997 he acted in The Sexy Girls an action MNET movie.
  • He was cast in Isidingo who acted as Mike O’Riley.
  • In 2007 he started playing the role of David Genaro in the Rhythm City.
  • He guest stars in the South African, Canadian TV series Jozi-H. The TV series is a hospital drama set in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jamie Bartlett Theatre

  • The Fire Raises
  • The Great Outdoors
  • East
  • Mojo
  • Cock and Bull Story
  • Death of a Colonialist.

Jamie Bartlett Movies

  • American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
  • Sweet ‘n Short Spookie Simpson
  • American Ninja V
  • A Private Life
  • Ernest Goes to Africa
  • Bravo Two Zero
  • Beyond Borders
  • Red Dust
  • 12 Days of Terror
  • Avenger
  • Prey
  • White Lion
  • Nothing for Mahala
  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


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