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Funke Adesiyan Biography – Net Worth, Age, Relationship, Movies & Career

BIRTH NAME : Funke Adesiyan
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born March 14
PLACE OF BIRTH: Oyo state, South west Nigeria
OCCUPATION : Nollywood actress
EDUCATION : She studied Performing Arts at the Olabisi Onabanjo University. Obtained diploma in Law from the same university. Bagged Ordinary National Diploma (OND) at the Ibadan Polytechnic.

Funke Adesiyan is a Nigerian actress who is very popular for her exceptional and intriguing roles in Yoruba movies. She is widely regarded as one of the most talented and exciting Nollywood actress. She started getting paid at a very young age and successfully built her first house at the age of 19.

It was also revealed that she made her first one million naira as a seventeen year old. That was prior the year she built her own house.

Early life And Life Story

The heavily endowed Nigerian actress born on March 14 in Oyo state, South west Nigeria. She is known for the movie “Obinrin Ale”. She is not just a Nigerian Nigerian actress, she is also a movie producer who once ventured into politics.

Funke Adesiyan started her hustling as a model at the age of 13 and by 14 she had begun running her own business venture. She was able to count her first one million naira at the age of seventeen and built her first house as a teenager. She is hustler who also know the importance of education, she already bagged three degrees, two diplomas and a degree at the age of twenty four years which is very rare today.

She ventured into politics at the age of 25 years old when she ran a presidential campaign for Mallam Shekarau. It is worth noting that Ibrahim Shekarau was one of the presidential candidates at the 2011 Nigerian general elections and one time governor of Kano State and an ex-minister of Education.

Just after the election, she launched her fashion outfit in her hometown but she was forced to close it down due to series of unfortunate events which made her lose almost all her investments. It was an unfortunate incident that drew her back in her business. After few years she managed to find herself back on her feet , she currently own several business and she is doing very well today.

Political Career

After venturing into politics, she contested for a seat at the Oyo State House of Assembly to represent Ibadan South East under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party in year 2015. She successfully scaled thru the primaries and excited Funke took to social media to express her excitement and happiness for her victory.

But unfortunately, she lost the election along with a substantial part of her wealth because she spent a lot in her campaign. She shocked fans when she still managed to throw a party after elections to thank her fans for their unimaginable support.

Educational Background

Funke is a graduate like many Nollywood stars, she studied at Olabisi Onabanjo University where she bagged a degree in Performing Arts. She also obtained a diploma in Law from the same university. Before that, she had already bagged an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) at the Ibadan Polytechnic.

Fashion Outfit And Dating Saidi Balogun

She is the CEO of a fashion outfit, La’venette , she revealed that she owns and designs the clothes she wore in the movie, Eti Keta. There is no doubt, she is one of the most fashionable actress from this part of the world.

On dating Saidi Balogun , she said she was drawn to him because of his good heart. She noticed he was quite straight forward in his dealings with people and was always willing to help those around him. She also said that the actor had a great sense of humour which she really liked but unknown to her the actor had some major shortcoming. His flaws later manifested and subsequently lead to the end of their relationship.

Personal Life And Relationship

She is currently in a relationship but she doesn’t care if it leads to marriage or not because she said getting married officially doesn’t mean a big deal to her. In one of her social media posts, Funke claims that men are born to cheat and if your man cheats it is simply because he is a man.

Some years ago 2013 precisely, there were news everywhere that she had spent $7000 in Dubai on breast implants in order to enlarge her breasts. But she has debunk the news and tagged it a big fat lie.


It is not longer news that Funke Adesiyan loves showing off her massive oranges for her fans on social media, she recently directed a warning to Pregnant Blogger, Linda Ikeji to stop writing about her big b00bs.

The drama started after the actress shared a photo of herself chilling in a Jacuzzi. She claimed that Linda is obsessed with her boobs and always writing about it for 8 years.

See her post below;

“I just read your post about me on your blog. I was surprised to see you have been writing about me in the past 8years or so and 85% of the time, its about my B00BS. Is my B00BS a reminder of what you wish you had? or are you bisexual in nature? I can’t fathom how a woman will be constantly attracted to another person’s body like you. You talked about how I took a dip in a pool today.

My sister, no be pool, it’s called jacuzzi J.A.C.U.Z.Z.I. and you sit in a jacuzzi. Moreso, I’m I expected to wear Iro and Buba here? This is a picture of you and I in our swimsuits. The only difference is in the size of our b00bs. My sister, contact Dr @grandvillemedlaser if you want yours bigger. Your obsession with my b00bs got to stop. Afterall, if you don’t have it, you buy it! It’s becoming a noise.”


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