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Fred Amata Biography : Age, Net Worth, Children, Wife & Career

BIRTH NAME : Fred Amata
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born July 12th
STATE OF ORIGIN : He is a native of Isoko in Delta State
OCCUPATION : Fred Amata is a Nigerian actor, producer and director
MARITAL STATUS/WIFE : Amata was formerly married to popular TV host of “Inside Out,” Agatha Amata. He was in a relationship with former AGN President, Ibinabo Fiberesima. Has been in a relationship with Mor Okonkwo. Later got married to Nollywood Star, Monalisa Chinda


Fred Amata Biography is the subject under discussion right now. Who is Fred Amata is one of most asked question of 2019 and this is simply because his fans don’t know much about him. Are you a fan of Fred Amata and you know just little or nothing about your role model? this is your best opportunity to know everything about the Nollywood super star.

Fred Amata is a top , skilled Actor, Director and Movie Producer who has without doubt played a great role in the Nigeria Movie Industry. He was born and bred in Delta State Nigeria and he is originally a native of Isoko in Delta State. His father, Pa John Ifoghale Amata was the first African to shoot a Celluloid film “Freedom”in 1957, he was also a famous playwright and an actor before he died in 1997. His mother on the other side was a movie star just like him too, she was a famous actress in the past.

Fred Amata was indeed born into the world of entertainment because his entire family is one way or the other connected to entertainment. His sibling, Zack, Alex, Erumena, Ruke,Elomai and of course, his nephew, Jeta, the first son of Zack are all into entertainment, each seen as either producers, directors and actors.

Background and Education

Fred Amata was born on May 18th, 1963 . He is a Nigerian actor, producer and director. He completed his primary and high school education in Delta State , Nigeria before moving to University of Jos to study Theatre Arts and came out successfully as a graduate. He started his professional acting career after completing his university education, graduating with from the University of Jos.

Career and Success

The popular actor and director, rose to stardom after starring in a block buster movies titled Letters to a Stranger (2007), Tumini’s Song (2006) and Road to Redemption. He officially got his massive break t in 1986 for his role in a film titled Legacy. In 2014, the filmmaker went into music. He released his first single titled “You Are A Nigerian Man.” He was sworn in as the President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria on Friday, April 8th, 2016.

Personal Life

Amata was formerly married to popular TV host of “Inside Out,” Agatha Amata, who is also the mother of his first two children. They marriage produced two beautiful kids before they called it a wrap. Fred was also in a relationship with former AGN President, Ibinabo Fiberesima, with whom he has a daughter with. He was also in a relationship with Mor Okonkwo but broke up with her after some time. He later found love again after breaking up with Ibinabo Fiberesima, he was romantically involved with Nollywood Star, Monalisa Chinda before they later tied the knot at the Heaven’s gate Christian Soap Opera.

Awards and Recognition

Frad has earn several nominations to his name and they are enumerated after the jump:

  • He was nominated for Best Director and Best Film at 2nd Africa Movie Academy Awards 2006
  • He was also nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards 2007
  • Lastly, he was nominated for Best Nigerian Film at 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards 2010


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