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Fella Makafui Biography – Profile, Networth, Age & Career

BIRTH NAME : Fella Makafui
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born August 12
PLACE OF BIRTH: Anfoega Akukome in the Volta Region
OCCUPATION : Ghanaian Actress and business woman
EDUCATION: She attended University of Ghana

Fella Makafui is one of the most popular Ghanaian actress, business woman and philanthropist. She is currently doing well in her career today but the problem is that her biography has been at the back of most Ghanaian’ minds. A lot of people has been trying to know more about the dark skinned Ghanaian actress but much about her is not on the internet.

Who Is Fella Makafui? Biography – Profile, Networth, Age & Career

Fella Makafui is a Ghanaian actress and model who gained fame for her role in the much-loved T.v series Y.O.L.O. where she played the role of , a villager who has migrated to the city to sell bread to earn a living in popular TV series (YOLO) which is a sequel to the old television series; Things We Do For Love. She has also starred in other blocked buster movies including Kada River and Once upon a family, both of which are good movies, others we shall be revealing at the wrapping up part of this piece.

Early Life And Background

A lot of Fella Makafui’s fans have been wanting to know her better while some people has been asking questions like Who is Fella Makafui, this is one of the most searched questions by most Ghanaians have been grappling with. Most people wants to know everything bout her , from her background, education, lifestyle and what have you. But unfortunately the answer to this question is elusive because her comprehensive biography is not easily found on the internet but we are obliging you with that today.

Fella Makafui was born in Anfoega Akukome in the Volta Region. At this time, not mush is known about the Ghanaian actress but we noted that she celebrated her 23rd birthday by gifting her mother a seven bedroomed house. She is one actress known for showing off her curvy body and her hard earned wealth on social platform like Instagram.


Much is not know about Fella Makafui education but she is a graduate like many other Ghanaian actress. Little is known about her University life but non is known about her primary school education. However, she joined Kpando Senior High School where she was taken through high school education. She started her acting career when she gained admission into high school . After graduating from high school, she proceeded to University of Ghana, but she dropped out to pursue her acting career, as local reports put it. Reports states that she dropped out of the school because she was unable to focus on her academics because of acting.


Before she turned out to become a big name in the movie industry, she worked as a model and nudist. She staying underground for couple of years, she took it to the next level by advancing into full-time acting which helped her make a name and significant fortune for herself.

She rose to stardom in her gig as Serwaa in Y.O.L.O.Serwaa was a naïve village girl who migrated to the city to make a life for herself through selling bread. Like most village girls, Serwaa spoke poor English, a quality that resonated with most Ghanaians. Fella proceeded to feature in a couple of other movies which included Kada River and Once upon a family. In once upon a family, Fella got to work with a seasoned Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson who played the lead role.

Fella Makafui’s Endorsement Deals

  • She was signed first by a Sanitary pad company called airee pads in February as their brand ambassador.
  • In May 2018, Fella Makafui won another endorsement deal with Davies Palace and Spa.
  • Then in June the same year, Fella Makafui was signed by Kasapreko to be the brand ambassador for their Carnival Strawberry drink under the Kasapreko brand.

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