Ebube Nwagbo Biography – Net Worth, Age And Movies

REAL NAME: Ebube Nwagbo
DATE OF BIRTH: Born 24 February 1983
NET WORTH:  Estimated at N150 million
HOW OLD IS EBUBE NWAGBO : She is currently 34 years old
OCCUPATION: Nigerian Actress
HOUSE : She has a house
CARS: She has cars and landed properties
STATE OF ORIGIN: Anambra State
INSTAGRAM CONTACT: Ebube Nwagbo (@poshesteb)

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Oluebube Nwagbo whose stage name Ebube Nwagbo is a Nigerian actress and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself through her unique talent in Nollywood movies, as well as her strong business engagement. She started her acting career from the scratch and made it to the very top as a result of her consistent hard work in Nollywood.

Early Life, Childhood And Background

Ebube Nwagbo was born on the 24th of February 1983, she is the eldest in the family of six. Ebube is one of the gorgeous Nollywood actresses that have gained fame and money over the years in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Ebube Nwagbo was born in Anambra State but grew up in Warri, Delta state where she had her primary and secondary education. She proceeded to study Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigera. She had a stint at Federal Polytechnic, Oko, before she proceeded to study Mass Communication at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Ebube Nwagbo ventured into acting at the age of 20 and she has appeared in over one hundred movies where she play different role. As the first child in her family, she was taught to cook on time because when her parents were not around she will be the mother of the house looking after her younger once. She was still studying in the University when she started to juggle school and work as an actress. She was also entrusted with the cooking at home because she the only grown up one who was able to do home chores. When she is not at home, then she in movie location and Nollywood became for her the second family and the actress is very glad that she has succeeded in her career.

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When she started acting many years ago, she didn’t tell her parents because she was afraid they won’t give her the go ahead , each time she want’s to go for movie location she will look for cogent excuse to leave the house . She continued acting movie until the day her father told her that he saw the similar girl on the poster near a movie theater. That was the moment she told them that she has been acting movies but was afraid they won’t buy the ideal that was why she kept it away from them . Fortunately for her, they didn’t have issues with her chosen career , she had a good role in the movie that’s why her parents are happy and very proud that they have such a talented daughter. From that moment , her acting career went official and she never had any reason to keep secrets again.

Acting Career: Life As An Actress

Her journey into movies started in 2003 at the age of 20 with movies like “Arrested by Love”, “Eyes of the Nun” and “Before my Eyes” becoming the first three movies that gave her fame. She was still in school when she started acting and she against all odds succeeded in her career even though she had so many task at hand when she started newly. She was also faced with the responsibility of fending for her family. Her breakthrough happened in 2003 when she was offered a huge sum of N7million to shave off her hair in the movies titled “Widow’s Cult”. That was her first big role and huge money she ever received as an actress. According to her biography, she is paid two to three million naira to appear in a movie and she has starred in several popular firms.

Business Endeavor: Life As An Entrepreneur

Just few years after launching her acting career, Ebube Nwagbo has been able to gain more ground in the movie industry and she decided to engage herself in business as entertainment was becoming boring for her. She welcomed herself into business with the launching of her own hair extension business called “PoshWorld production” in 2012. She has been able to acquired for herself a luxurious house and cars as well as several landed properties worth millions of naira.

Personal Life

Ebube Nwagbo who is also widely known as posh baby might currently be in secret relationship but she isn’t that type that flaunt things on social media unlike her counterparts. But she once revealed that it is very difficult to know who loves you for real, if you are already a public figure and still single. However, rumor has it that the actress has dated a number of famous Nigerians like Kanu Nwankwo, Ogbonna Kanu Emmanuel Emenike and even the popular pop singer Kcee but the pretty damsel has denied ever having anything to do with the aforementioned names . The actress who is not bordered about the rumor further disclosed that it’s a price for stardom she had to pay.

Please pretty one get married on time and save yourself the marriage pressure that will come from your parents and fans soon , that is if it hasn’t started coming yet. You don’t have to be afraid of marriage we all will get there and you will jump that huddle.

In an chat with ‘Star Gist’ , she shared her fears concerning marriage following the high cases of divorce in the industry.

Here is her chat with ‘StarGist.com’

She said: “I try to keep to myself, but the industry where I find myself is a complex one.

“You have to be very close to me to know the real Ebube, because most times I camouflage just to create an impression.

“The real me is not what you see in TV or read on the papers , but I am also human; I have my moods, my bad sides, my flaws, etc.

“I love the good thing of life, so I work hard to get them.

“I only stress myself when money is involved.

“Marriage is always going to be at the right time, and don’t ask me when is the right time.

“I’m single but I’m not searching, Why would I?

“Well, I am seeing somebody, but starting my own family I can’t say for now.

“But I will do that at the right time.

“I don’t like doing something and later jump out of it.

“I take my time to do whatsoever I want to do making sure it is the right decision.

“I am scared of marriage, we see divorce everyday.

“Although no one goes into marriage believing she would soon jump out of it.

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“I strongly believe that before a couple considers divorce, they must have put in their best to make it work, all to no avail.

“Marriage in the limelight is not easy, even those outside it are not surviving easily.

“For me, before I take the decision, it just has to be right.

“I have learnt a lot from other people’s mistake and that has helped me a lot.

“Being in a relationship alone is not easy not to mention marriage, I just want to do it right to avoid regret.

“So I am treading carefully.

Endorsement Deals

Ebube Nwagbo is a brand ambassador for telecommunication giant, GLOBACOM. The deal is reportedly worth over 20 millions naira.

Seven Facts About Ebube Nwagbo

  • Ebube Nwagbo is from Anambra State but grew up in Warri.
    She is the first of 6 children.
  • Ebube won the award for most fashionable actress in 2014.
    The sultry actress studied Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikwe University.
  • The role interpreter was once in a romantic relationship with popular artiste, Kingsley,(Kcee Limpopo) which ended in 2010.
  • At 20, Nwagbo started her acting career and made her debut into the industry with the movie, ‘Arrested by Love’ in 2003.
  • She owns a hair brand company called Posh Hairline.

Selected Movies

  • Arrested by Love
  • Eyes of the Nun
  • Before My Eyes
  • Against My Blood
  • Royal Palace
  • Mama, I Will Die for You
  • Power of Trust
  • Not Yours!
  • Ojuju calabar

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