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E-Money Biography – Net Worth , Family & Investments

REAL NAME: Emeka Okonkwo
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: Born on the 18th of Febuary 1981(36 years old)
OCCUPATION: Business Mogul
MARITAL STATUS: Married to Juliet Okonkwo
NET WORTH: (1.5Billion naira)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ajegunle Lagos State, Nigeria
INVESTMENTS: Five Star Music, Oil And Gas


Born Emeka Okonkwo but now widely known as E-Money , all thanks to his long money that gave him a titled that is more superior than that of an entertainer. Emeka Okonkwo who is better known by the name fame game him E-Money , is a Nigerian Business mogul/ Boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited who is fondly called Arab money and the younger brother of Five Star record label act, Kcee. He rose to recognition after his regular display of his flamboyant lifestyle on social media and for his use of money spraying machine which many Nigerian celebrities are yet to lay their hands on.

Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money is one of the most popular requests on the Internet today which resulted from his constant display of wealth on social media platform like Instagram and Twitter. Because of his lavish lifestyle people want to know how he made such a fortune , this is why he has become one of the most sought after non celebrity in Nigeria today . As an ordinary man , he started his hustle from nothing but today we know him as one of the wealthiest business tycoons in Nigeria. I know so well that you are curious to learn what his success secret is, and i will personally counsel you continue reading this Biography to get inspired with his amazing life story.

Life History And Financial Break-Through

Emeka Okonkwo is his real name but he was nicknamed E-Money after the wealth and fame came into his life . He was born on February 18, 1981in Ajegunle Lagos where he attended his primary and secondary school education. He is only 36 which is pretty young for the success of that size. People gave him the nickname E-Money after he lost respect for money,  throwing money and demonstrating what a luxurious life he had. In fact he is called Arabic money by some of his fans who love the way he spend money like it nothing. He is that popular Nigerian man who got nothing to do with Nollywood , music not even anything IN CONNECTION to entertainment but his reign has suppass that of many top Nigerian musicians and actors. This man started from the scratch and he had no money years ago , those trying days he struggled to make a living but God smiled on him and make him a popular figure who needs no introduction both locally and internationally.

Many people are wondering how The Five Star music boss, E Money got his wealth, well wonder no more as the millionaire brother to Kcee , has passed through hell before but it took just one contract to change his life. The business man had disclosed that he never had anything and had struggled for a long time even when he had his traditional marriage, he had nothing but things turned around while he was on his way back with his wife from their traditional marriage. The successful Billionaire disclosed that it was on their way back he received a call that he has been awarded a contract worth 2 million dollars and that was the beginning of his success story.

In his words, “We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is how our lives changed forever.”

Confessing to why he married his wife, Juliet, E-Money, disclosed that she happens to be the first woman he would call his girlfriend whom he fell in love with who was God-fearing and was not about material things.

“When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her sophomore year at the university. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her.

His first big contract that changed his life came after he got married to a beautiful woman named Juliet who agreed to become his wife despite the fact that he had nothing to offer her , that is what i call true love not what we see these days. Having a close look at Juliet Okonkwo photos, you would effortlessly notice how happy she is, she deserves everything good because never asked for it.

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Fast forward to today, E-Money has several source of income , he is the proud CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited, Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, he is fondly called Arab money due to his flamboyant and philanthropist lifestyle. He a wealthy Nigerian man who is one of the biggest players in Nigeria’s shipping, oil and gas industries and he is also the C.E.O of Five star Music that produced artistes like KCee (The Limpopo crooner), Harry Song, and Skibi. The secret behind his success is his numerous investment in case you are wondering about how he manged to amass such wealth . He is involved in oil and gas and entertainment industry as the CEO of Five Star Music. The big money spender man disclosed in a recent chat that his favorite colours are gold and white.

E-Money is the owner of a state of the art mansion worth over 250million naira, fleets of cars including SUVs, sport cars, Range Over, chains of businesses within and outside the shores of Nigeria. The Five Star music boss recently added Mercedes Benz Sprinter to his fleets of cars and it is reportedly worth N30 Million. He recently gifted his brother Kcee a Mercedes Benz G wagon worth 20million naira on his birthday. He also acquired an armored car the latest 2017 Lexus LX 570 jeep in 2016 , a car that is said to be worth over 90,000 dollars and i will leave you to do the simple calculation yourself.

When E-Money was asked how he met his wife , this is what he revealed;

“When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her sophomore year at the University. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her.

I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her. Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she visited me on several occasions. I remember that on one of those occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street”.

E-money’s Net Worth 2017

E- money has several source of income, it is true that he is mostly associated with Five Star music record label, but that is not his only source of income . His money also comes from his oil and gas investments. He owns several amazing houses and expensive cars , his fleet of cars will leave you jaw-dropped. His biography reveals that he has at least 1.5 billion Naira at his disposal, which place him one of the key players of the Nigerian economy. He is also well known for his philanthropist gesture .

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