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Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s Father) Biography – Net Worth, Age & Investments

FULL NAME: Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s Father)
NET WORTH : $700 according to reports
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: Born March year 1957 [currently 60 years old]
OCCUPATION: Business Man, philanthropist
INVESTMENTS : Chief Executive Officer CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. Amongst other businesses
MARITAL STATUS: Widower [ Lost wife Vero Adeleke]
EDUCATION : Dr Deji Adeleke attended Covenant University

In our previous article, we discussed the Biography of a top Nigerian musician named Davido Adeleke and today we are moving upward in his family tree where we will be checking out Davido’s father biography, Net Worth, profile and his investments. After checking out the Biography of Davido we can now beat our chest to say that we did justice to that topic comprehensively, we are moving to the next topic on the queue which is Dr Deji Adeleke’s biography.

Davido and His Father

Every time, Davido is always in the news and he is found of bragging with his father wealth which is very intimidating. He calls himself OBO, which literally means he’s an “Omo Baba Olowo” when translated in English it means “The Son of a Wealthy Man”. This raises the question: Who is Davido’s father that he hypes him this much and how much is he even worth?

Davido is one of the richest kid in Nigeria today if we close our eyes to his musicians aspect,  he is a son of Nigerian billionaire but decided to hustle for his own money rather than depending on his father’s wealth. Davido is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria who is known for multiple hit songs which has earned him several awards and nominations. If you are truly conversant with the Nigerian music industry then the name OBO (meaning Omo Baba Olowo) should not sound strange to you. When translated “Omo Baba Olowo” means son of a very rich man. Talking about the richest families in Nigeria today, the Adeleke family will definitely make the top five list .

Also called Elder Deji Adeleke, Dr Deji Adeleke is a successful business man who is a billionaire. He was born on the 6th of March year 1957 in Enugu. He’s a Yoruba man from Ede in Osun State; a state in the South-western part of Nigeria. He is married to Dr Vero Adeleke who passed away in year 2003. Late Dr Vero Adeleke worked as a lecturer at Babcock University before she passed on. Before she kicked the bucket, she gave birth to two healthy children, Sharon and David Adeleke ,a popularly Nigerian musician.

Deji Adeleke is a father, a prolific businessman, philanthropist and investor. Just like African richest man Aliko Dangote and GLOBACOM owner Mike Adenuga, he is a successful business man who made his money genuinely without involving himself in politics. He is nothing like those politicians who don’t own a business but has properties all over the world, his source of income is clear and can be accounted for any time.

Elder Deji Adeleke and Dr Vero Adeleke’s union is blessed with superstar son named David Adeleke popularly called Davido and a daughter named Coco.  Deji Adeleke is the Pro-chancellor at Adeleke University In Ede, Osun State Nigeria. He is a younger brother to former Osun State Governor, Senator Isiaka Adeleke. He is also the founder of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company that specializes in investing in various sectors across the country.  He is a devoted Adventist who recently built a multi-million church behind his company in Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria.

Deji Adeleke is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited. Pacific Holdings Limited is involved in financing and investing in a number of notable sectors in Nigeria’s economy. According to an insider, Dr Deji is a strict disciplinarian, philanthropist and a devout Christian. He pressurized Davido to complete his studies before concentrating on his music career . Davido on the other hand honoured his father’s wish , went back to school and graduated successfully . While he was in school, he sidelined music for some time , after getting his degree he picked up his career again .

He highhandedly built a multi-million naira church building for his – Seventh Day Adventist Church. The Adeleke family has always been a family of millionaires and a few billionaires . His own father was Chief Adebayo Adeleke, was the vibrant brain behind the prestigious Banana Island in Lagos. He drafted the plan with a motive to make Nigeria a great country. Many years ago it was a big dream but it is a reality before our eyes today.

Davido’s Father Net Worth

Dr Deji Adeleke is one of the few billionaires whose wealth is traceable and accountable as a businessman. He is one of the most successful business men in the country today succeeding in all his business endeavors. Dr Deji Adeleke, who is the younger brother of former Osun state governor, Isiaka Adeleke has has an Estimated Net Worth of $700 Million as at September 2017.

Davido’s Father: Age

He was born on the 6th of March year 1957 therefore he is currently 60 years old

LATEST NEWS: Davido’s father, Deji Adeleke, to secure jobs for ex-convicts

The Chairman of Springtime Development Foundation, Dr. Deji Adeleke, has said the foundation has concluded plans to secure jobs for some ex-convicts in order to properly integrate them back into the society.

Adeleke, who is the father of the musical star, Davido said this on Friday evening when his foundation visited Ile Ife Prison to donate 300 mattresses and the same number of pillows to the inmates and to offset the medical bills of the sick ones among them.

The Chief Executive Officer, Dr Samuel Oyalabu, who said this on behalf of the chairman said this would reduce the propensity for crimes among ex-convicts, who he said always found it difficult to be accepted back into the society after their jail terms.

He said, “The foundation is not just here to donate items to the inmates but it has concluded plans to secure jobs for some of the ex-convicts. This will make them contribute their own quotas to the development of the nation at large.

“Being engaged productively will also keep them busy and can lure them away from further engaging in crimes.”

According to him, the foundation is also planning to introduce computer training, carpentry, barring and other skills to the inmates of the prison and others.

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