DJ Lambo Biography – Net Worth, Age, Mixtape, Instagram & Boyfriend

FULL NAME: Olawunmi Okerayi
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: Born October 4th
OCCUPATION: Disc jockey DJ, radio personality and hype man
BOYFRIEND : She is currently dating

Who is DJ Lambo? Is DJ Lambo a lady , How old is DJ Lambo etc, we are going to check out the biography of the first Nigerian female Dj, DJ Lambo. This biography and profile for sure will be talking about her as well as revealing some lesser known facts about the chubby Nigerian female Dj. When she started her DJing career at first, it all seems impossible for her to make it to the top but she miraculously made it and open the way for other Nigerian female Dj to follow talking about the likes of DJ Cuppy and the rest of them.

Her real names are Olawunmi Okerayi but widely recognised by her stage name DJ Lambo, is a Nigerian Disc jockey DJ, radio personality and hype man. Just like her male counterparts has done, she have successfully released couple of songs , of which “Drank” is one of them — produced by Reinhard and received positive critical reviews and extensive airplay.

Just few years into her professional Djing career she got signed to Loopy Music in 2013 before its merge with Chocolate City in 2015 two years later. DJ Lambo which was initially called DJ Lamborghini has won couple of awards and many nominations to her name too. She won “DJ of the Year” (Female) at the 2016 “City People Entertainment Awards”. Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET) listed her as one of top five Nigerian DJ’s to watch out for in 2015.

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DJ Lamborghini or DJ Lambo which ever one you wish to call her is the first successful female DJ that came out from this side of the world. DJ Lambo was among the few DJs selected to play at Big Brother Nigeria’s season 2 Saturday party of the Big Brother Naija reality game show last year 2017. She’s just a talented girl who knew exactly what she wanted when she started her entertainment career at the right time and the right amount of energy , and look at her now she one of the most celebrated in Nigeria .

Early Life And Background

DJ Lambo was born October 14th but the year is unknown. She was born and bred in Nigeria with four brothers . Her father, DJ Tony Lewis was an unpopular DJ and he was the one who influenced her career as a disc jockey. She started her professional career in 2008–2009 as a Radio personality|(OAP) on Raypower 100.5 FM, Rhythm FM 94.7 Abuja, and Love 104.5 FM Abuja.

Most people don’t know why she always dress up like a boy and even behave like a boy. What do you expect from a girl who grew up in mixed of four guys. Being surrounded by boys has made such a tomboy of her. At the same time, she’s grown up decisive, ambitious, and knowing perfectly well what she wanted to do with her life.

Career Inception And Rise to Stardom

DJ Lamborghini (now DJ Lambo) started her DJing career officially in 2008 when she was working for Raypower (100.5 FM), Rhythm Abuja (94.7 FM), and Love Abuja (104.5 FM). Only later it became clear to her that everything she loved was DJing. Her first performances took place in Aramis and Oxygen Abuja, and in some other locations in Lagos when destiny made her encounter MI from the Chocolate City. When she met MI Abaga it was Loppy Music before it was later re-branded to Chocolate City . Her DJing career had a great boost when she started working with M.I as she used to follow MI to shows , that was how she was officially introduced to the world. M.I picked her because she was off the huke and knows what she’s doing, it was very obvious that he loved DJ Lambo’s performance and skills.

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As time went on, she decided to try her self in other side of the entertainment, releasing some songs. Being that she has always been a music fan right from her childhood days, starting her music career was very comfortable for her. She was always surrounded by sounds and parties (all owing to her father, her greatest source of motivation and passion for music), during her childhood days.

The chubby lady describes her sound as a fusion of house music, techno, afropop and hip hop. On March 8th, 2017, Smirnoff launched the Equalizing Music initiative on behalf of the International Women’s Day to celebrate female DJs around the world. DJ Lambo was ranked number 18 on the Smirnoff Top Women Electronic Artists playlist with her single “Motion” .

On March 20th, 2017, Smirnoff Nigeria also celebrated International Women’s Day at Crest Hotels and Garden Jos with the top three finalists of the Smirnoff X1 Female DJ contestants alongside DJ Lambo and DJ Spinall at the event.

In 2014 she was nominated for the Best Female DJ by the African Global Awards for DJ’s. The same year she won the award for the Most Outstanding DJ. In 2016 and 2017 she received two more awards nominated as a DJ of the Year (female). In addition to this, ‘Entertainment Today’ named her one of the five best Nigerian DJ’s of 2015.

On 14 June 2017, she was appointed the head and president of Choc Boi Nation (CBN), an record imprint of Chocolate City Music. With this announcement she became one of the major female record label executives in the music industry in Nigeria. The press conference, held in Lagos, was attended by co-label mates MI Abaga, Dice Ailes, Koker and Loose Kaynon. This was the moment when DJ Lambo turned into one of the most influential executives of a record label in the Nigerian music industry.

In 2016, DJ Lambo started an incredibly cool party titled ‘Lagos Party Animal’ in Lagos . She was was selected along side some other popular Nigerian DJ to play at the Saturday’s party of the Big Brother Naija, season 2, in 2017 . This was as a result of her being one of the most popular, respected Nigerian DJ’s and certainly the most unique one .

From observations, you will effortless deduce that she has a great career ahead of her because she’s young, beautiful , talented and full of energy . She is one of the richest entertainers in Nigeria today.

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