Diamond Platnumz Biography – Age, Net worth, Wife, Children & Death Rumor

FULL/REAL NAME: Naseeb Abdul Juma
STAGE NAME : Diamond Platnumz
NET WORTH : 2018: $4.5 Million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: Born 2 October 1989 [29 years old]
DEATH RUMOR : Diamond Platnumz is Not Dead, he is alive and healthy
OCCUPATION: Singer, Recording artist, Dancer and Entrepreur
MARITAL STATUS: Not officially Married but he is a baby daddy
CHILDREN : Diamond Platnumz and Zarinah Hassan had welcomed their first child
EDUCATION : Nasibu Chakula Bora Nursery School, Tandale Magharibi Primary School

Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, is a Tanzanian bongo flava recording artist, Entrepreur and dancer who has suddenly become one of the finest entertainer from the country Tanzania. He is currently one of the biggest musician in Tanzania who has released several hit singles and has worked with Foreign and local artistes the likes of US rapper, Rick Ross, Davido, Flavour and many others.

Diamond Platnumz has several hit songs including “Number One” which he featured Nigerian artiste Davido, “Nana” featuring Flavour Nabania and many others. He has won several awards which include Channel O and the HiPipo Music Awards etc. The stylish singer performed at the Big Brother Africa 7 eviction show in May 2012. He is widely considered to be the most influential Tanzanian singer among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated Tanzanian artist at the moment. Diamond Platnumz is also said to be the highly selling Tanzanian artist of ringtones by mobile phone companies in 2013, as well as being among the artists earning the highest income in the African Great Lakes region’s music industry.

Early Life And Background

Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz was born at Amana hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 2nd of October 1989 . He was raised in the western part of Tandale where he was living with his mother at his grandmother’s house. He didn’t have his father around him while he was growing up, this was as a result of unresolved conflict between his parents. His growing up was very tough and challenging because there was no constant source of income for his mother as his father abandoned them. The only option left for them was to share a single room with his grandmother and rent out the remaining two rooms so that they can be able to pay bills and eat .


Diamond Platnumz had his first taste of education at Nasibu Chakula Bora Nursery School in 1995 and later proceeded to Tandale Magharibi Primary School in 1996 and completed primary school education in 2002. In 2003, he started his secondary school education and graduated in 2006. After graduation his life as a musician began officially. His passion for music started when he was in standard five Nasibu . According to the “Nana” crooner, he spent his formative years imitating local and international artists and singing their songs at different occasions.

Music Career

His mother saw the passion and talent he possess and decided to support him by getting for him albums from different artists and assisted him in writing lyrics for some songs so that he can easily sing them. That wasn’t all his mother did for him, she also took him to different talent shows hoping he will get a chance to sing; this was against some family members as they were of the view that music was a waste of time and can never be a career, instead they wanted her to encourage him to concentrate on education so that he could become a doctor or maybe a lawyer but destiny had something else in store for the young man.

After launching his professional career , to become famous was a difficult task for him because there was no money for studio sessions. It was until the year 2007 that he was able to raise enough money for his studio session. In an effort to raise more money to continue paying for studio session, he was forced to engage himself in casual works like selling second hand clothes, filling station attendant, freelancing as a photographer, and any other work in which there was a little money to be earned. At some point, he involved in illegal gambling just to get enough money to record his first studio single. It got to a point where he went as far as selling his mother’s gold ring secretly and use the money to pay for his session.

After all the hustling and bustling to raise money for studio session, he finally hit the studio for the first time to record a song, unfortunately the song wasn’t a big hit but it was a nice try for him as it opened doors for him and marked the beginning of his journey into entertainment. The song wasn’t totally useless because he met a man named Chizo Mapene who volunteered to be his Manager supervising all his music works. They finally agreed to release an album but the problem was the funds, there was no available funds for them to execute the plans. Inability to get the money became the biggest problem in their relationship and brought about their separation because nothing was working out as there was no money.

As God would have it, Diamond met “Msafiri Peter” aka Papaa Misifa in 2009 who agreed to provide financial support in nurturing Diamond’s talent. They recorded his first single titles “Nenda Kamwambie” which was a dedication to his girlfriend who left him when he had nothing. That was the song that opened doors for Diamond in the music industry. That was how God smiled on him and it was the beginning of his success story. Today, Diamond Platnumz is labelled as one of the richest African musician with lots of awards and nominations to his name.


Popular Tanzanian singer Diamond yesterday became the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax. Diamond has suddenly became the major topic on social media after rumuors of his death circulated just after Ghanaian dace-hall singer Ebony Reigns died in a ghastly car crash. Please you all should note that this is not true, our sweet Diamond is alive and is in good health.

According to the rumors on the internet, Diamond was driving in the morning three days ago when he lost control and ran into a ditch which caused him to sustain deep injuries and later loose his life as he was rushed to the hospital. When this fake news broke, our bloggers could not rest. we managed to contact one of Diamond’s closest friends, “Peter Witse” who burst into laughter and confirmed that it was all a lie. Peter further revealed that had a series of shows which he is promoting . Please don’t mind those heartless bloggers who spread fake news.

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