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Chiwetalu Agu Biography : Net Worth, Age, Career and Facts

BIRTH NAME : Chiwetalu Agu
PLACE OF BIRTH: Enugu Nigeria
OCCUPATION : Nigerian actor, comedian
EDUCATION : Municipal Council School Ogui Town, Saint Luke’s Primary School Ogui Urban Area in Enugu, Nigeria. College of Immaculate Conception (CIC) Enugu . Miinchen College Enugu

Chiwetalu Agu is a veteran Nigerian actor, comedian and movie producer . The funny actor is listed as one of the outstanding comedians who have contributed to the development of Nollywood comic genres. Prof. Femi Shaka of the University of Port Harcourt also asserted this some time ago when he had to say something the top Nigerian actors.

Chiwetalu Agu is a top Nollywood star who has won several awards and earned lots of nominations to his name. The short actor won the 2012 Nollywood award for ‘best actor in indigenous movie (non-English speaking language). He is widely known for his specific language slang, phrases or clichés in each film has made him famous as well as gave him a household name in Nigeria and among Nollywood admirers abroad.

It is agreeable that Nollywood comic genres is a unique vehicle in projecting Nigerian culture globally as well as establishing the Nollywood brand, Agu is listed as one of the most talented Nollywood comedian but we are not also forgetting other veteran like Nkem Owoh, to name a few.

Early Years and Background

Chiwetalu Agu was born on 27th October, 1956 in Amokwe, Udi Town, Enugu State, Nigeria. The 63 years old man attended Municipal Council School Ogui Town, Saint Luke’s Primary School Ogui Urban Area in Enugu, Nigeria. He later furthered at College of Immaculate Conception (CIC) Enugu where he obtained his SSCE. After completing his secondary school education, he proceeded to Miinchen College Enugu and obtains a diploma in Dramatics Arts.


The actor gained recognition when he was active in Nigerian television soap operas before his transition to Nollywood . Before he became an household name in the Nigeria movie industry, about 31 years ago, he acted in television soap opera and it earned him recognition before he started featuring in Nigerian Television Authority Channel 8 Enugu’s Ikoro, produced by Joe Onyekwelu. Chiwetalu Agu has also featured in ETV Channel 50, now ESBS. in soaps like Baby Come Now and Ripples (in Lagos), produced by Chico Ejiro’s brother, Zeb; in the latter he played the character of Chief Abunna.

Chiwetalu Agu launched his professional acting career in Nollywood and successfully created a niche for himself in the industry. He is well know for his uniqueness, his wit, humor, invention of specific clichés, customized phrases or slang in every film. He is one of the favorite Nigerian actor and he has a several ways of making his numerous fans laugh.

People wonder how the actor how he combines his well-disciplined life with the wicked or devilish roles he acts in films. Even though Agu has the versatility to play the roles of comedian, wicked or tricky person, he sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile his lifestyle with the negative roles he plays, admitting that he sometimes shed tears for his characters. He has starred in more than 200 movies which include Things Fall Apart, Ripples, The Catechist, Dr. Thomas, Old School to name a few.

Awards Won

Agu was the winner in the first ever Nollywood Movie Awards 2012 for ‘the best actor in an indigenous movie: non English speaking language’ for his role in Nkwocha.


  • In the first Nollywood Movie Awards in 2012: Agu was nominated for ‘the best actor in indigenous movie for his role’ in Nkwocha.
  • In the 2008 4th annual African Movie Academy Awards for his role in Across the Niger Agu was nominated for ‘the best actor in a supporting role.
  • Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA London) 2011: Agu’s role in The Maidens earned him nomination for ‘the best supporting actor’.


Taboo Ichie Ogwu
1986 Things Fall Apart
2008 Return of Justice By Fire
Traditional Marriage 1 & 2
Fire on the Mountain 1 & 2
Price of the Wicked
Dr. Thomas
The Priest Must Die
The Price of Sacrifice
The Catechist
Police Recruit
Sunrise 1 & 2
Old School 1-3
Honorable 1 & 2
Sounds of Love 1 & 2
Across the Niger
The Plain Truth 1 7 2
Sounds of Love 1 & 2
Church Man 1 & 2
Holy Anger 1 & 2
Evil Twin
Beauty and the Beast 1-3
Royal Messengers 1 & 2
Royal Destiny 1 & 2
2007 Burning kingdom 1 & 2
The Maidens
Battle of the Gods 1 & 2
2017 The Wedding Party 2

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