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Chinwe Owoh Biography : Net Worth, Age, Husband, Children & Movies

BIRTH NAME : Chinwe Owoh
STAGE NAME : Mummy Chinwe
NET WORTH : $1.7 million
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born November 3rd
PLACE OF BIRTH: Enugu, Nigeria
OCCUPATION : Nigeria Nollywood actress
CHILDREN : She is blessed with children and grandchildren


Chinwe Owoh Biography — Chinwe Owoh is a top/veteran Nollywood actress, television personality and a philanthropist. She is widely referred to as the big mama of Nollywood and this is because of the obvious fact that she is one of those Nollywood veterans that place the Nigeria movie industry on the map.

Chinwe Owoh is popularly known for her ability to cry in movies and her name is mostly synonymous with tragedy and sorrowful movies. She is also well know for acting the motherly roles too.

Early Life and Education

Chinwe Owoh is a Nigerian actress from Enugu State, Southeast of Nigeria. She was born and bred in Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She completed her primary, secondary and university education in Enugu, Nigeria.

She later completed her university education before joining Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 1999. Veteran actress Owoh generally referred to as Mummy Chinwe by her Nollywood counterparts is enjoying herself at her amiable in-laws house as she embarked on yet another ‘Omugwo’.

Acting Career

Chinwe Owoh officially joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 1999 after launching her professional movie career. She played a lead role in the 2001 Nollywood blockbuster movie “Mothering Sunday” which gave her massive recognition and since then she has appeared in many movies including; Raging Tigers, Royal Tears, Traditional War, Black Christmas, After My Heart among many others. She often acts as a mother, queen, step mother, grandma and widow in many Nollywood movies. She is labelled as one of the very talented , passionate and gifted actress in Nollywood today.

She has acted in several Nigeria movies alongside many big guns in the indurty including name like Patience Ozokwor, Nkem Owoh who is rumored to be her brother, Mercy Johnson, Rachael Okonkwo, Junior Pope Odunwodo, Chacha Eke , Ken Erics, Destiny Etiko and Regina Daniels. She has won several award and earned couple of nominations to her name. Some of her awards include Most Prominent Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Actress in a Leading role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, Best Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards .

Personal Life and Controversies

The beautiful actress Chinwe Owoh is a married woman. She is currently married with many children and grandchildren. She is based in Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria with her family where she act most of her movies. It is a thing of fact to say that Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh are among the most popular faces the Nigerian Nollywood today, and both of them has been featured in over one hundred movies.

If you are observant then you would see that the two movie stars share exactly the same surname – ‘Owoh’ and this is one reason why fans are wondering if they are married or siblings. Well, if that is what you have been thinking about then you should understand now that they are not couple and they are not siblings either. But it happened to be a coincidence that they have the same second name.

Some years ago, there was a report that indicated that popular Nollywood actress, Chinwe Owoh allegedly slapped an upcoming actress. According to the report, Chinwe was alleged to have slapped an aspiring actress on a movie set in Asaba, Delta State for talking too much and coming late on set. Shortly after the alleged physical assault, the up and coming actress was said to have uncontrollably burst in tears. Both the movie producer and director; Chris Chuks and Don Single respectively, reportedly looked the other side without asking question why the veteran actress physically assaulted the young lady. Is Chinwe Owoh another Bishop David Oyedepo? Bishop Oyedepo was reported to have slapped a church member. He is presently facing a lawsuit for the act.

Movies (Chinwe Owoh)

2016 – Mummy Why
2014 – Dera My Beloved
2014 – Dera My Beloved 2
2014 – Mary the Hunter
2014 – Mary the Hunter 2
2014 – Python Queen
2014 – For the Love of Money
2009 – Nigerian Girls
2009 – Nigerian Girls 2
2009 – Royal Tears
2009 – Royal Tears 2
2009 – Tears of Hope
2009 – Tears of Hope 2
2008 – After My Heart
2008 – After My Heart 2
2008 – After My Heart 3
2008 – After My Heart 4
2008 – Piece of My Soul
2008 – Piece of My Soul 2
2008 – Piece of My Soul 3
2008 – Raging Tigers
2008 – Raging Tigers 2
2008 – Tiger King
2008 – Tiger King 2
2007 – Beyond the Verdict
2007 – Beyond the Verdict 2
2007 – German Wahala
2007 – German Wahala 2
2007 – Royal Promise
2007 – Royal Promise 2
2006 – Broken Curse
2006 – CWO: Women of Virtue
2006 – CWO 2: Women of Virtue
2006 – Lost Wealth
2006 – Lost Wealth 2
2006 – Remote Control
2006 – Remote Control 2
2006 – Romeo
2006 – Romeo 2
2006 – Wisdom of the Gods
2006 – Wisdom of the Gods 2
2005 – Evil Kingdom
2005 – My School Mother
2005 – My School Mother 2
2005 – Power of Promise
2005 – Power of Promise 2
2005 – The Prince & the Princess
2005 – The Prince & the Princess 2
2005 – The Prince & the Princess 3
2005 – Village Boys
2005 – Village Boys 2
2004 – My God
2004 – No One But You
2004 – Sister Faith
2004 – Sister Faith 2
2003 – Baby Police
2003 – Baby Police 2
2003 – For Better for Worse
2003 – Price of the Wicked
2003 – Price of the Wicked 2
2003 – Reckless Babes
2003 – Reckless Babes 2
2003 – Sorrows of Love
2003 – The Cross of Love
2003 – The King & the Crown
2003 – Town in Danger
2003 – Town in Danger 2
2002 – The Final Clash
2002 – The Final Clash 2
2001 – Mothering Sunday


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