Biography And Net Worth of Ayiri Emami [Akulagba 1 Of Warri]

BIRTH NAME: Ayiri Emami
CHEIFTAINCY TITLE: The Akulagba 1 Of Warri
DATE OF BIRTH/AGE: (unknown)
OCCUPATION: Nigerian Business man, Oil Mogul
MARITAL STATUS/WIFE : Married to Asba Emami


His given name is Ayiri Emami but he is widely known by his title The Akulagba 1 Of Warri , is a Delta state born Nigerian businessman and billionaire who rose from nothing to something after experiencing hardship in his early days. Following his massive success, he founded 911 Beach & Resort in Ugborodo, Warri South West Local Government Area, Delta state, Nigeria. Ayiri Emami is also a major contractor to the Chevron-Sasol EGTL project in Delta state, Nigeria. He is fully involve in oil business , construction, logistics and entertainment.

Ayiri Emami : Early Life , Background And Childhood

Ayiri Emami who is better known by his title Akulagba 1 Of Warri was born and bred in Warri Delta state Nigeria to a christian parents who were petty traders. His reign began when he started getting  lots of contracts from friends and eventually became rich. After pilling up his bank account with cash for some years, he decided to invest to protect his future because nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Ayiri founded A & E petrol, A & E group of Companies where he is currently the CEO. This company covers several aspects like Oil, Logistics, and Constructions. He also established 911 Hotels & Resorts and 911 entertainment.

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The popular Warri born Billionaire was the former chairman of Delta Waterways Security Committee and board chairman of NigerCat, a construction company under Chief James Onanefe Ibori administration in Delta State. Ayiri is one of the most popular Nigerian millionaire who is highly sought after and he has contributed financially to the rehabilitation of many less fortunate Nigerians .The famous big money spender controls an empire that has interest in Oil & Gas ,entertainment,Hospitality and several others.

Ayiri Emami gained recognition and fame as a result of his lavish lifestyle and flamboyant wealth . He is also well known for his philanthropist gestures for largely impacting the lives of many showbiz stars, most evident is music star Tuface Idibia who he bankrolled his 5 star Dubai wedding with first class flight for all guests, a cash gift of 20 million and a brand new Range Rover wedding gift . They also cruised in his luxurious yacht while in Dubai . Over the years , he has gained a celebrity profile as a result of his philanthropist life style and a lot of people are very familiar with the name

He was all over the news when he officially married his wife in 2010 in a wedding ceremony considered as the most expensive wedding ever held in Delta state soil. After the wedding he bought a car worth millions of naira for his lovely wife . According to revelations, his luxurious mansion in Delta State which he calls “Emami”s Haven” is worth millions of naira and also own a house in United States of America where he lives. Including the one in Abuja and Lagos in fact this man is heavily rich .

Businesses And Career

He is the former chairman of Delta Waterways Security Committee and board chairman of NigerCat, a construction company under Chief James Onanefe Ibori administration in Delta State. He has a soft spot for music but has never though of becoming a musician any time. He reportedly spent about N150 million on the wedding when he married Asba Emami. In the carnival like celebration, some big musicians was in attendance to spice up the event including Tuface, Psquare, Dbanj and many others

Ayiri owns a very big hotel Called 911 Hotel in Warri, and a 911 Beach Resort in Ugborodo,Delta State which he founded the same year. He is also the owner of entertainment label Called 911 entertainment. He is one of those Nigerian billionaire that have a high taste for luxurious things like automobiles and mansions . His car garage is home for fancy cars including 2 Rolls Royce worth over One Hundred and Fifty Million, a Bentley, Mercedes Gwagon, Range Rover, BMW,Lexus SUVs just to mention a few.

The Warri billionaire spotted at a wedding with his son spraying money from a gold-plated money spray gun at his brother’s wedding. Money spray gun is a tool that is not common in Nigeria but Five Star Records CEO E- Money also have it.

Latest News

There was a report published by about The Akulagba 1 Of Warri, Chief Ayiri Emami going broke, do you think that’s possible? According to the article, it cliams that things might not be as rosy as it used to be for billionaire Niger Delta chieftain Chief Ayiri Emami again. The rosy times they say, might have reduced drastically. It was claimed that things have turned a bit awry, the Akulagba 1 unlike how he used to prefer staying more in Warri, might have now moved more to Lagos & Abuja.

“We can remember vividly that before the last quarter of 2013, Chief Emami apparently spent close to a million dollars (that’s about N160 million Naira then) on one of his main pastimes; buying exotic cars, many of which already litter his very impressive garages. Hem also 2 Rolls Royce Phantoms and various other super cars. He owns a super yacht on which Tuface & Annie Idibia rode in Dubai during their wedding. There was also a speculation that he even bought a private jet but not confirmed”.

There is one thing i am very sure of , he is not in the spot light as he use to be some years ago but that doesn’t suggest he his now broke or going broke.

What is your opinion on this, do you think he is really going broke as they claim.

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